(video) this 6-year-old girl gives her divorced mom the best advice….(we all need to watch this)

There’s NO need for me to deliver the video message this week. This little angel has the perfect message for you!

Click below to watch today’s video.

My inbox was flooded with messages from people sending me this video asking “did you tell this little girl to say that Stacey?”

Of course, you know that I did not.

What’s perfect about this?

Clearly this message just flows right through her, from her heart and truth.

Now is the time!

The tide is turning. Right now!
Things are changing.

Enough people have been hurt. People are getting sick of living a life they don’t love because of this disposable relationship society we live in where no one is equipped with the tools and strategies to heal whatever damage their is and create a magnificent love!

You can HEAL anything that has transpired in your relationship! Every relationship can be RESCUED!

NO, we do not believe that every marriage is meant to last. But every relationship can be healed! And should be! So you can move free and whole into the next relationship.

If you have KIDS! You have NO CHOICE!
You MUST do the work to rescue your relationship!

I say it all the time! I will scream this from the mountaintops….as the kids are our mission here at RelationshipDevelopment.Org!

Your kids did NOT ask to come here. You brought them here. And now you owe it to them to heal your relationship with their parent so they can enjoy a peaceful co-parenting family for the rest of their lives!

Do the work!
It’s not an optional piece!

Do not live another day filled with pain, frustration, anger and spite towards someone who is a parent to your children!

No one said you have to stay married to them – but you have to RESCUE that relationship…for yourself, and for your kids!

But don’t listen to me!
Listen to this Princess!
Sending love,

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20 thoughts on “(video) this 6-year-old girl gives her divorced mom the best advice….(we all need to watch this)

  1. AMEN sister!! The biggest gift we can give our kids is just what this PRECIOUS sweet girl is asking for. Whether that means being friends with a former spouse/their parent OR, in my case, investing big time in my kids' mom & dad's relationship. Our relationhip being happy and solid is the BEST thing we can give them in addition to nurturing their relationship with God. Thank you for being YOU…Stacey, Paul and this precious little girl.

  2. I am just stunned by the wisdom of this little girl. "My heart is something…" "Be steady like the floor." What a magical little lady with a very important message for the world!

  3. Wow, a spiritual master in the body of an adorable 6 year old girl! In the wake of the breakup of my son and his now ex-girlfriend, the mother of my beautiful 5 month old grandson, this message is especially poignant. Thanks for sharing Stacey.

  4. Absolutely Catherine! If we can help in any way, please let us know! Helping individuals navigate co-parenting by healing their relationships with the other parent is something we do every day here!!! Sending love!

  5. Out of the mouth of one of today’s spiritually aware and connected children! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful message from rgis little wonder. Xoxox

  6. Wow! From the mouths of babes! Truth! I’m crying and smiling at the same time! Thanks for sharing

  7. Hits home – there is no choice. The little ones are sponges – shouldn’t we want them to sponge up kindness, understanding, love, support, etc….., rather than hate and animosity….. Thank you Stacey Martino.

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