Walking on Broken Glass… OUCH!

“I can’t even talk to you about this right now – I feel like nothing I say will actually make a difference.”

In the early years of our relationship, Paul would often say this to me when he would get to a point where he was seething and frustrated – he would get to a point where he needed to just stop and walk away.

Ever had this happen in your relationship?


So, every time we would talk and “talking” would turn into “fighting”, I would spend hours dissecting what happened, what changed, what worked, what didn’t. 

I started noticing the patterns. 

I would take what worked and apply that the next time. And when the shit hit the fan again, I would notice…”What was different?” What worked, what didn’t. 

I kept using my personal development skills to try to map out the patterns that created success and eliminate the patterns that caused the SHIT to hit the fan. (Very technical, huh?)

This went on for YEARS! Remember, I didn’t have a mentor offering me the short-cuts, like I’m doing for you. So it took me YEARS to fix things…

Until ONE DAY I heard the MAGIC words from Paul that changed everything…

He said, “You know what, I’m starting to NOT-DREAD these conversations with you anymore. Yeah, I actually get a lot out of these talks. I feel like I understand you better afterwards and I feel like you understand me. These are really productive. I like it.”

That was IT for me – from that day on, I always used the alignment FRAMEWORK that I built to have conversations with Paul without fighting. It has now become the Brick Conversation® Framework that we teach all our students. 

And I want to share that with you TODAY…

Because when you’re EMPOWERED to know, you can navigate ANY situation or conversation ANY time without fighting…

You are FREE.

The tool is called Brick or Glass.

Imagine that you have a cabinet with six shelves:

The top three shelves are lined with beautiful velvet bags full of gorgeous, multi-colored, glistening broken glass.

The bottom three shelves are lined with big, old, dusty, dirty, heavy bricks.

Any time you have an uncomfortable feeling or thought about your partner, your relationship, or any situation…

You have a choice:

You can either ignore, stuff, and avoid the feeling or thought – and reach up onto the shelf, grab a bag of broken glass, and spread that broken glass out on the floor of your relationship where you’ll be walking on it for years to come…


You can harness your courage, come from compassion, and be willing to reach down and grab a big, old brick, speak your truth from a compassionate place, and put that brick down on the foundation of your relationship as something to build on.

Because as you navigate through a Brick Conversation, you are building a brick foundation to your relationship that you cannot be knocked off of.

The choice is ALWAYS yours.

Very often in our lives, there are things that need to be said that are not being said…

And that’s broken glass.

When we teach this tool, people ALWAYS say, “Oh my gosh, I’ve been walking on broken glass for SO LONG, tiptoeing around so many things we can’t talk about” – that’s broken glass.

Brick conversations are not comfortable or easy…

But they DO move things forward. And the more you practice, the more comfortable they become…

Until you reach a point in your development where you don’t even have the capacity for broken glass anymore – everything is a brick!


I want this type of relationship foundation for you SO MUCH – it’s why Paul and I do everything we do!

Would you like to learn how to DO a Brick Conversation?? It’s not just about “speaking your truth”, trust me. Just “speaking out” without any skills will go from “talking” to “fighting” real quick! You know that!

Paul and I developed a Brick Conversation Framework, it’s an actual step-by-step framework to tell you how you can structure and deliver an alignment conversation in a way that doesn’t lead to fighting. 

Brick Conversations eliminate the common pattern of one person trying to steam-roll or convince the other. Bricks also eliminate the common pattern of one person feeling like they have to please or compromise.

A Brick Conversation is a true alignment, where both people are heard. It’s a step-by-step process. It’s a SKILL SET and it can be learned. 

Although, you won’t figure this out by yourself. And your partner can’t do this for you. 

Paul and I have been teaching people the actual skills to achieve unshakeable love and unleashed passion for years!

Are you ready to take action and get started?

We are offering a 5-part FREE training + FREE Demand Relationship vs. Relationship Development chart where you can start to get the skill set that you need to create your unshakeable love and unleashed passion. (These videos trainings total over 2 hours of content – so plan for it!)

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Sending love,

Stacey & Paul

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