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What’s your next New Normal?

Stacey Martino

Stacey and Paul featured in Tony Robbins' ezine

Back in February, during Valentine’s Day week, I had one of those moments where “holy crap on a cracker” just isn’t going to cut it…it was bigger than that for me!

You may remember (because I screamed it when I shared it with you) my coach, mentor, and trainer Tony Robbins featured me on his website as a Love & Passion Expert under one of his videos for Valentine’s Day! Now, in case you don’t know, I’ve been with Tony for 19 years. I’ve done QVC with him many times, I’m trained and certified by him and done lots of stuff with him.

And for 19 years, I’ve been “Stacey from Pennsylvania.” As is everyone else on Tony’s website…unless you are Quincy Jones or Donna Karan. And it’s an honor for me! Every time I get the opportunity to pay it forward for him, and help someone else make the choice to listen to his program or go to his event, I’m thrilled to do it! Tony’s programs and events changed my life and Paul’s and we encourage everyone to do that for themselves!!!

That’s why I was stopped in my tracks when I opened up my email on my phone, as I was walking out of our hotel room in Connecticut and saw the email from Tony, and my quote, which said “Stacey Martino, Love & Passion Expert” underneath. I’m not sure if I can really explain it to you. Every time Tony features me is a total excitement freak out for me because I’m thrilled to serve HIM (because he’s done so much for us). But this time was different, he was using my endorsement of his event with me as an expert in the field…not just as Stacey from PA. You know what I mean?

Ok ,so I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I am a highly excitable lady! You know me, I get really super excited about stuff! Well, that moment was one of those “Let’s watch Stacey’s heart rate” kind of moments, as Paul puts it.

We happened to be going to a Valentine’s Day party after a day of Masterminding with our friends and mentors Fabienne & Derek Fredrickson.

We walked downstairs and Derek was the first person that I saw. I could tell that he knew something was up just by the way he looked at me – I can’t even imagine what the look on my face was saying. Although recently someone posted the most hysterical comment about me on Facebook, she said “Stacey, you always look like the cat who just ate the canary!” Hysterical! Yeah, I probably looked like that when Derek saw me, because he said “Everything OK?”

Ever have one of those moments where you were holding it together pretty well until someone asked you “are you ok”? Yeah, this was like that.

I started shaking and the tears started rolling down my cheeks, which were smiling so big they were hurting. Poor Derek!!!! He grabbed my hands and told me to breathe. I told him what just happened. And I’m pretty sure his response was something like “holy shit that’s fantastic!” And next thing I know Fabienne was standing next to me, she took my hands in hers, and looked me straight in the eyes. I told her what happened. I’ll never forget what happened next….

She was SO calm, so cool, so peaceful…..she said to me “Breathe Stacey. This is your new normal! This is your life now Stacey. This is your new normal.” And then she said something that only a brilliant coach would say “Now, Stacey Martino, look up to your creator and say Now show me my NEXT new normal!” BAM! Whhhhaaatttt!!!!!!

And so I did. I looked up and asked “Show me my next new normal.”

Fast forward to the end of May. I’m in a hotel room in Atlanta about to walk downstairs with Paul to meet Fabienne and Derek …..

(you can’t make this shit up, seriously, if you knew how many times Tony reaches out to me when I’m with Fabienne and Derek…in the Client Attraction Vortex, you would never question why we go see them every month)

Back to the story…I open my email on my phone (sound familiar)….and there’s an email from Tony Robbins…..with a HUGE banner image of ME AND PAUL!!!!!!!!!!

I open the email and read all about our story, click to the web page and I’m blown away by the huge feature with our picture on his website!!!!

Tony Robbins sent that email to over 1 million people! Many of you were so kind as to snap pictures of your inbox with that email and send it to me…..I love you for that!

I went downstairs and told Derek what happened!

But this time….NO shaking….NO tears! It was a huge celebration, but I was so completely congruent and “receiving of it” as my new normal! VERY different experience. Can you feel that?

Because I was SO open to my new normal, I was attracting more of the same to me.

The NEXT day, Tony posted our story on his FB page and referred to me as Love & Passion Coach Stacey Martino!!!! My FB started exploding!!!!!

A few days later….a magic moment was created that will always be a defining moment in my life.

Another email went out from Tony. This time he featured Oprah’s story about her experience at his event. When I clicked on Oprah’s picture to read her story, Paul and I were the story featured below her on the web page. I sat back in my chair, flooded with gratitude and feeling completely blessed. Paul and I were on the same web page with Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins. I looked up and said…

“Thank you G-d for this amazing blessing. I will serve and do-good from this abundance. Thank you for my New Normal. Now please show me my next new normal!”

“And so it is!”….I’ll keep you posted!

Why do I share this with you today??

Life is always moving us towards our next new normal. And sometimes, good or bad, it can feel “uncomfortable.”

If it feels “bad” uncomfortable, we may retreat instead of moving forward and into our next new normal.

Even when it feels great, sometimes it is TOO MUCH and we can start to question “why me?,” “I didn’t earn this,” “I don’t deserve this,” “this is too much,” “when’s the other shoe going to drop,” “what if I lose it all,” “what will people say.”

When we do that, we are telling the universe, “No thank you, I’ll go back to my old normal”. And we DO…we retreat to our “old normal” and attract more of what we are “used to.”

But when you surround yourself with people who BELIEVE in you, people who delight in your new normal, and mentors/coaches who will challenge you to get into your NEXT new normal so you don’t get to complacent in your current normal, the MAGIC comes in! More abundance, joy, blessing and Grace flows to you!

So I’ll ask you….who are you surrounding yourself with most of the time? And what are they saying to you?? Do you surround yourself with people who regularly “retreat” into the status quo or are you surrounding yourself with advancing, growing, and expanding individuals, who are co-creating their lives every day!?

If you are not currently surrounded by the people who will raise you up, if you do not consistently work with a coach/mentor who can help you move to your next new normal quickly….Look UP! And ASK your creator, “Show me the people, the coach, the mentor that I need to be with to be my best and most authentic self.”

Believe that you deserve that and then look for the signs! And I can’t wait to hear about YOUR next New Normal!!!

Sending love


p.s. If the area that you really want to expand and grow into a next new normal is your intimate relationship we would love to be your coaches/mentors, and our Lovies would be thrilled to be your Peeps! Come be with us and create your Next New Normal!