WHERE is your breakthrough?


What do you need to have a breakthrough? What does it take to break through whatever your current limitations are and reach the next level you truly desire?

You MUST be willing to leave your current comfort zone for your next level…that’s for sure!

To do that will require you to stretch and grow!

Sometimes breaking through to your next level is a small stretch, like writing 3 weeks’ worth of articles in one day to prepare for a deadline in your business.

And then there are times when breaking through to your next level is a big stretch…like adding a zero to your income level, taking your relationship to the next level, or getting fit and healthy.

What are the key strategies for breaking through?

The number ONE strategy that I can give you, the one that I have been using in every area of my life for two decades now is…MODEL!

Find someone who is already successfully living the result you want to attain and model them! Read their book, take their program, go to their event, join their mentoring and coaching programs!

Hands down…the number one strategy for breaking through faster, easier and better is to model someone who has already done it! (Preferably someone who also has mastery of teaching others to create the same results…repeatedly.)

There’s another secret ninja strategy to Breaking Through that the masters of breakthroughs all know, but not many people talk about.

Actually, this strategy is the SECRET that the masters use to ensure that their breakthroughs are MASSIVE, happen QUICKER and last LONGER!

What is this secret?


Change your location!

Get up… go out… get away!

You are probably thinking “That’s It?! It’s gotta be more complicated than that Stacey!”

I know it’s hard to believe!

You can go from stretching yourself little by little over time…to a massive breakthrough in a short amount of time by changing your location!

You can go from a temporary breakthrough where you regress to your old habits to wiring in a breakthrough that lasts years, decades, or a lifetime, just by changing your location!

It’s true!

There is science behind it…but the short story is, it’s human nature to resist change and run from discomfort.

Your current environment is designed to keep you where you are. And your nervous system is wired to resist the discomfort of change.

All your current patterns, dynamics, habits, people, and substances are wired into your current environment…and that environment has been successfully keeping you where you have been – it’s designed to keep you there.

Trying to break through in your current environment may be an uphill battle.  And, if you do succeed to break through, your environment may be pulling at you to bring you back to your old patterns in a short amount of time.

When you leave your “comfortable” environment and take yourself to another location, your nervous system works FOR you, instead of against you, empowering you to have bigger breakthroughs, quicker, that will last longer.

It doesn’t have to be a BIG change or a big deal.

For instance, last summer I had a writing project to do that was going to require me to write for about 30 hours. I wanted to do all the writing in a short period of time so I could stay in a FLOW state.

The writing was not a challenge for me. Everything I needed to write was already inside of me. So the writing project itself was not a stretch…I knew how to do that.

However, sitting still, focusing, and writing for 6 or 7 hours a day for several days…THAT was a STRETCH for me!

I knew that if I stayed in my home office, there was NO way that I would focus and write effectively, for that many hours on end, for several days in a row.

So I picked myself up and went to Starbucks to write!

I changed my environment.

At Starbucks, there are plenty of distractions, but they are not the SAME distractions that I am WIRED to at home. There’s plenty of noise at Starbucks, but it’s not the SAME noise that I am programmed to respond to at home.

I can’t be on auto-pilot at Starbucks.

Take that in for a moment…because that’s the real secret to changing your environment.

When I’m at Starbucks, I CANNOT be on autopilot like I am at home. I’m not acting ‘unconsciously’. My nervous system is awake and alert. It’s like my nervous system is saying “This is new, what is this?”

When your nervous system engages…when it experiences “newness”…it is SO much easier to have massive breakthroughs, quicker and have them last!

You are, by definition, open to newness!

When  you are OPEN to the newness…that’s the time to stretch yourself or get the mentoring, coaching or training you need to Break Through to your next level!

And the added bonus is that your environment isn’t pulling you back into your old patterns to sabotage you at the same time you are trying to break through.

This is why Paul and I travel to Stamford, CT at least 4 times a year to work with our mentors and mastermind group on our business. It’s why we still fly to Palm Dessert for 8 days to work with Tony Robbins on our own training and self-mastery.

And it’s why on April 30th we are flying to the beautiful Islands of the Bahamas with an exclusive group of people who want to break through in their relationships in just 4 days!

Because in 4 days in paradise, you will create your rock solid alignment and reignite your passion in a MASSIVE way, QUICKER and in a way that will last LONGER! (Breakthrough In Paradise details here)

Sounds awesome right?! It IS awesome…and it’s also really SMART!

Whether it’s going to Starbucks to focus on the modules of that virtual training program you want to do or flying to paradise to transform your relationship…When you combine a change in location with MODELING the … your breakthroughs will be MASSIVE, QUICK and LAST LONGER!

If you WATCH the MASTERS at breaking through, you will see them change their location. Watch them travel to go to their masterminds, watch them fly out to train with their mentors and coaches, watch them head out to a bed and breakfast to write their books, or travel to a tropical paradise to transform their lives!

Don’t take my word for it…WATCH and see for yourself!

Sending love,


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  1. I love this Stacey! I never realized that there was a physical change that made it easier to step out of my comfort zone when I was in a new place. Putting this in my bag of breakthrough tools. I love you and all of your #EpicAwesomeness !! I love that you are having an awesome retreat in the BAHAMAS!!! Talk about massive breakthroughs. This is where it's at 😉

  2. Whoo hooo! I LOVE that you are putting this in your bag of breakthrough tools Yani!!! You Rock!!! Love you and all of your epic awesomeness too!!!! We would love to see you in the Bahamas baby!!! MUAH!

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