Why Can’t She Just Be Happy For Me?

Sue knew her sister’s Facebook rant was just her usual New Year’s Eve drunk post… but that didn’t make the words sting any less.

“My resolution this year is to STOP trying to help people who don’t know what’s good for them…”

After years of agonizing over the deterioration of her marriage – and a month-long separation over the summer – Sue had realized how much she still loved her husband and made a commitment to doing whatever it took to save the relationship.

She knew this was the right path for her and her family…

She just couldn’t understand why her sister couldn’t just be happy for her.

Have you ever noticed that when you start progressing, all kinds of KERFUFFLE starts popping up?

Even when your New Normal (the next level you are reaching in your life, yourself, your relationships) is a great thing, and you are experiencing abundance and goodness, you can still experience resistance as you advance towards your NEXT new normal…your next level!

Resistance is that silent, invisible force you can’t quite put your finger on… but it’s the thing that keeps you from doing whatever you need to DO to move yourself forward to your next level.

Any time you get really close to a big breakthrough, resistance FREAKS OUT on you and really creates havoc to keep you from breaking into your new comfort zone (new normal).

Even other people in your life can get in on the act at this point…

From their perspective, they’re just trying to look out for you, trying to protect you…. what they’re really trying to do is REMOVE THE RESISTANCE from the air because they feel it. And in all honesty, most humans are WIRED to retreat. So they are doing what they know: “If it feels bad, STOP IT.”

But there’s one TINY thing that they don’t know.

They don’t know that you feel PULLED into your future! They don’t feel the CALL. They don’t feel the little voice that you have inside that tells you DO NOT give up.

They don’t have that little feeling that you have every day… the little feeling that keeps you going…

They don’t have that feeling that says…

If you STOP, the PAIN will be GREATER than if you keep going.

You know that feeling. It’s the one that is pulling you into your next comfort zone! It’s the one that tells you “You will never be satisfied staying stagnant.”

That feeling that tells you that you will never be “satisfied” just being “roommates” with your partner. The one that feels PULLED to create more than just a friendship or co-parenting arrangement. The feeling that you have that you are just not wired to SETTLE for a passion-less or unhappy intimate relationship. The one that tells you that this isn’t just going to “turn itself around” when the kids get older or the work stress dies down.

So what’s the answer?

Get a mentor who can guide you, short cut the journey, and help you get better results quicker. Get REAL, proven solutions! Surround yourself with people who have THAT same feeling, who are being pulled into their next comfort zone or already there!

Get the support, the love, the unconditional compassion that you need with people who GET YOU! With a group of people all on the same journey!

Take massive strategic action to move yourself forward and you WILL have the big breakthrough following the resistance. Because the resistance is nothing more than you and the environment around you hitting the panic button because you are approaching the edge of your comfort zone.

Do you feel a pull into your next level? Do you feel dissatisfied with where you are today? Are you longing for something more?

Then comment and tell me… what massive strategic action are you going to take today?

Sending so much love,