Would you make the same DECISION this 15 year old woman has made?!

This week I met a 15 year old woman who inspires me, and her name is Madison.

Paul and I are HUGE believers in role models. I’m sure that’s no surprise to you. We also deeply believe in having date nights together at least 3 times a month. Put those two values together and you have an OPPORTUNITY!

As parents of young kids, Paul and I are always looking to ADD to our list of “baby sitters” to call on for weekend evenings out.  But we do NOT just look for baby-sitters. Paul and I seek out “role models” for our kids who are phenomenal care givers.

Opportunity! Paul and I are blessed that Jake and Grace get to spend time playing and learning from these special and unique girls!

That’s how I met Madison this week.  She was coming to our house to sit for Jake and Grace so Paul and I could enjoy an amazing date night out on Saturday.

As I was chatting with Madison and asked her what she loved about school this year, she told me all about her photography course, the pictures she took that are in the yearbook and all the different types of photography experiences she has planned.

This young woman LIT UP from the inside out when she talked about photography!

Of course, you know me, mission-driven entrepreneur that I am…all my alarms and bells started going off!!!! “This is her passion, this is her calling, fuel this fire Stacey, help her get to the next level, Go Go Go!” I hear in my head!! 😉

With beaming smile, I talk to her about Lindsay Musser, our phenomenal photographer and ask Madison if she might like me to introduce her to Lindsay and maybe she can tag along on one of Lindsay’s engagements sometime to get experience.

“YES!” Madison says “I would LOVE that!” And then she proceeds to tell me all about the photography school she wants to attend and what kind of photography work she wants to do and on and on.

Fantastic! I know Lindsay will be an amazing guide, mentor and role model for Madison!  Already I’m thinking about how Lindsay is going to photograph our entire three day live event (The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat) this summer and how maybe Madison can intern for her and be at our event…surrounded by lots of VORTEXY people that she probably doesn’t get to be around too much in her world! Excellent!

And so it is, we will do whatever we can to fuel Madison’s passion for photography and help her GET to spend her time in her passion, in school and for work too!

The next day, I was talking to someone who knows Madison really well and she told me something that stopped me in my tracks.

She told me that…

Madison told her mom that instead of having a Sweet 16 party, could she please have the money to buy a really expensive camera that she wants for her photography instead!

I’m crying just telling YOU about it again today! This GIRL is 15 years old!

Why does that stop me in my tracks and make me cry?

Because what I am witnessing in Madison is a PURE passion, her gift in life, her calling, combined with the decision making ability and massive action… that results in a masterful life!

“It’s in your moments of decision, that your destiny is shaped.” – Anthony Robbins

This is exactly what Tony is talking about when he says it’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped! It’s ALL about the decisions that we make and the action that we take! Nothing happens until you decide and a decision without action is really just a dream!

So the tears come because what I am witnessing is a WOMAN fueled by her passion, who ALREADY has excellent decision making “software” running her show and is wired to take massive action, because she is fueled by passion!!  AND SHE’S 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a STRONG belief that when you are VERY clear on what you want, and you declare it to the universe with passion and intensity, the universe will rearrange itself to bring you what you want!

And that’s when magic happens.

I know this is true because it happens in my life every day. And today, I am declaring to do my part to rearrange the universe in Madison’s best interest!

Paul and I will continue to encourage Madison, inspire her, make sure she spends more time around us to see how mission-driven entrepreneurs “do good” in the world in a big way!

At just 15, this woman has already proven that she makes decisions from the heart! She doesn’t take the easy way either. How many 15 year old girls do you think would buy a camera for their passion instead of having a big sweet 16 party??

Instead of SPENDING her resources on the instant gratification and significance of a big party, she is staying true to herself, and her passion and INVESTING in herself!

She’s an inspiration!

The next time you have an opportunity in front of you, and a choice as to what to do with your resources (your time, your money, your focus) think about Madison!!

Will you SPEND your resources on things that are an escape, instant gratification, alleviate the symptom or meet your need for significance, or will you INVEST in yourself, feed your passion and create the life you want!!!

Madison is just 15. And yet, her inspirational story teaches us ALL a great lesson!

Sending love,



This is Madison…


9 thoughts on “Would you make the same DECISION this 15 year old woman has made?!

  1. I love celebrating those who make wise choices! How many of us wish we had followed our dreams when we were younger. How many of us numbed ourselves to avoid feeling the pain of turning away from our dreams? Ok back to celebrating. She rocks and you guys rock for noticing and encouraging her! There is a special blessing for those who take the time to notice and truly are about what's going on in the lives of others!

  2. Stacey, thank you for sharing Madison's inspiring story. Wow! 15 and she's standing in her truth, following her heart and believing in her dreams! Thank you for creating the opportunity to support her dreams. Happy to do so! You go Madison!

  3. Stacey, this is such a wonderful thing! I can't wait to see the photos Madison takes with her new camera!

    The world would be a much happier place if everyone followed their dreams and had people like you, Paul and everyone that donated supporting and encouraging those dreams.

    Have a magnificent day!

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