35,000 people and ME. ON. STAGE. (story inside)

So, This Happened…. I spoke to 35,000 people… and then I did a Mastermind on a Yacht to the Bahamas with a few of the greatest people on the planet!

Me, Brad, Jaime and Garrett, waiting to walk up on stage as Russell is on stage presenting.

It was an INSANE honor to be asked by Russell Brunson to share the stage with him at 10XGrowth Con and speak! Paul and I are deeply grateful… there are NO words that would be enough to say THANK YOU for this HUGE opportunity to serve so many!

It’s a CRAZY thing to do… you know? Speaking to 35,000 fucking people!?!?! That’s just CRAZY!

And now… it’s DONE! We did it. Not so crazy after all. But the experience of it… was INSANE!!!

The ENERGY of these days, leading up to the event, at the event and after the event – was THROUGH THE ROOF!

You know, when Russell asked me to speak with him on stage in front of 35,000 people…. I was like “Oh My God!”

And for a few days, every so often I would remember it, and out of the blue just blurt out “Oh My God!” and Paul would say “What?” and I would say “10X” and he would smile. It just kept coming back to me in waves, every so often… “Holy Crap…35,000 people!”

What’s interesting is… I don’t have a fear of speaking in front of audiences.

I’m just wired to speak in front of audiences. I don’t know why. I just am.

But even I was like “Well, I’m not afraid, but this is 35,000 people… I never even considered that…so maybe I will be anxious? I don’t know?”

As we started getting closer to the event, my energy started to rise…the energy was building, I could feel it.

I started to feel the pressure of wanting to be sure I said the right thing…in the right way… to serve the people who came to hear us.

The day before the event, it started to hit me… I started to feel the pressure of how badly I wanted to be sure to say the right thing. To serve Russell, to serve that audience, to serve our mission, my team…everyone who was counting on me.

So, I did what I always do…. I got quiet, I put myself in state, I prayed and I asked God to please GUIDE my message and give me the words that they most need to hear so that they take action!

I sat down and wrote out the framework that I learned from Russell that I use to create the frame for every speech, webinar or presentation that I do. All I needed to do was fill in the pieces.

The words started to come.

Paul and I worked on it until we thought it was AWESOME!  I read it out loud – I was JUST at the right amount of time.

As Paul and I set out to go to dinner with some of our favorite friends, I prayed that Source would guide my thoughts to be able to say it as GOOD as I wrote it, once I’m up there on that stage!

As we chatted at dinner, everyone was asking us if we were nervous or anxious with the event coming the next day.

A few people were, a few were not. But we could all feel the ENERGY rising.

I said to them the same thing Paul and I teach our students.

“We are all going up there tomorrow to speak. We are. We already said YES. We know we are doing it. NOT doing it, is NOT an option. So, if you know you are going to do it, and a few minutes after you do it will be over, then WHY SUFFER through all the hours, days and weeks leading up to it. You’re going to do it anyway. Just release it and focus on the NOW.”

The next day, we went backstage (into the dugout) with Russell and the rest of the speakers to walk through the presentation! It was SOOOOO freaking awesome!!!!

I was so pumped!!!! OMG Russell’s presentation was AMAZING!! If people REALLY listened and implemented what he was giving them – it would TRANSFORM their business!! I was completely ON FIRE to go deliver this presentation.

And the best part…. I wasn’t alone!!!!

We went out there as a TEAM and it was the BEST FREAKING presentation ever done!!!!!!!

Russell, Myron, Garrett, Brad, Jaime, Me, Natalie, Annie… all of us together… it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were unstoppable!!!!

Walking up on that stage… I felt NO FEAR.

I know it sounds CRAZY, but I didn’t feel any of the WEIGHT of the 35,000 when I walked up onto that HUGE stage!

In fact, I find it EASIER to speak to 35,000 people, then I find it to speak to just 35 people.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true (and it’s true for a lot of people too. If you want to know why… post in the comments that you want to know and I’ll tell you).

Paul and I with Natalie Hodson as we came off the stage!

SOOOOO… the big question…. How Did I Do?

Well, I don’t really know how to answer that.

It was AMAZING for me. I delivered it pretty much the way Paul and I framed it out. It felt INCREDIBLE!!!!!

The audience spontaneously burst into applause and cheers for me 3 different times in my 3 minutes – which I was really surprised by.

Paul said I was AMAZING and it was absolutely PERFECTION!!!!

I can’t experience MYSELF, so I can’t really say how I did.

I will say that my head was about to EXPLODE with PRIDE for all my friends who completely hit it outta the park, they were so fucking amazing!!!!!!! Seriously! They NAILED it!!!!!! I was so proud for them, it was all I could do to hold it together and not SCREAM for them while I was still standing there on stage!! Haha!!!

Afterwards, people from the 10X audience kept stopping me to tell me how MOVED they were by what I shared. People came over to hug me or take a picture and shared how impactful my story was for them. And the FUNNY part – people kept asking me – “REALLY, it REALLY only takes ONE person to fix any relationship?” Hahaha! YES, my friends, it really only takes ONE person – IF that person implements our program!

Russell, his team and everyone from Clickfunnels was THRILLED beyond belief with all of the speakers.

The AMAZING Clickfunnels team took all 75 of us out on a dinner cruise around Miami that night…. it was ALL A BLURRRRRR!!!!

I think it was after 1 am when Paul and I finally got back to the hotel…. and the next day, we had to be at the DOCK to set sail on our YACHT to the Bahamas for a PRIVATE Mastermind! 25 AMAZING people (some of my favorite people in the world) set sail to the Bahamas on two 100-foot Yachts!

That’s when some of the greatest moments of the trip began….

We had an AMAZING mastermind on the YACHT heading to the Bahamas!!!

It was Paul and I, Rachel, Annie, Myron, Jaime, Steve and Dave sitting around the table, Masterminding and laughing as we sailed through the ocean – it was AMAZING!!!

The most HYSTERICAL moment was when I was sharing a STRATEGY with everyone and Dave and Steve JUMPED UP and RAN for their pens because they couldn’t type fast enough to write down everything I was saying!!!! That’s going to be my next secret FUNNEL – “The Super Secret Strategy that made Dave Woodward and Steve Larsen RUN for their PENS!” Hahaha! Opt in form coming soon!!! Hehehehe!!!

We had an amazing dinner on the Yacht with everyone and then we did MASTERMINDS until almost 2 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE BRILLIANCE that was shared was LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all took our businesses and our lives to the next level! And deepened our friendships even more!!! There is no way to describe the power that came out of this experience!

If you are NOT currently surrounding yourself with a MENTOR who can take you to the NEXT and NEXT and NEXT and 1000NEXT level… and if you do NOT currently have a TRIBE that will help take you to the next level and support you like crazy, every step of the way – then GET ON IT!!!!! Get a MENTOR and a TRIBE that are 7 to 8 levels PAST where you want to go and INVEST in yourself to surround yourself with them!

When they ask you to FLY to Miami on short notice – say YES!

When they ask you to reschedule your return flight and YACHT to the Bahamas for a MASTERMIND – SAY YES!!! (Even if you do not like boats!!)

These things do not just happen accidentally – you must get IN IT, take action and keep saying YES!!!!!!

10X Growth Con was an INSANELY amazing experience!!!!

I learned that I have no problem speaking in front of 35,000 people.

Paul and I also learned that WE NEVER EVER EVER want to host our own stadium event. (Not a BIG surprise for us, but it’s good to know for sure.)

While I only had a few minutes to change the world on the 10X stage… in a few months, Paul and I will take the stage for THREE DAYS to create a BREAKTHROUGH for hundreds of people at Relationship Breakthrough Retreat!!!!!

Will you be there?!?! Will you be in the place you need to be, to get the breakthrough you want in your relationships??

RBR is happening July 29-31 in Princeton, New Jersey.

Tickets are going to go on SALE on Valentine’s Day!! Will you be ready???

We are going to OPEN the doors with a 50% sale on tickets! So, put it in your calendar NOW, to grab your tickets on Valentine’s Day!!!!

See you soon!!!

Sending love,

It was so awesome to be with our friends, peers and mentors – including Rachel Pedersen!

This picture is of Paul and I, sitting at the Masterminding table on the back of the YACHT. I’m taking a picture of the GLASS doors that lead into the entire yacht and in the reflection of the glass, you can see the OCEAN and the city of MIAMI as we leave the states behind us, and head for the Bahamas!

p.s Funny story… after Paul and I presented at the Yacht Midnight Mastermind, one of the Clickfunnels partners came up to us and said, “Ok guys, that was amazing, I need to come to your event, what are the dates?” I said July 29-31.

He said “Oh man, I can’t make that one. When is the next one?” And I said “July 29 – 31 NEXT YEAR.” And he said “OK, this cannot wait. I’m doing this now.”

THAT is the kind of commitment that creates a LIFE BY DESIGN!

It doesn’t matter what else might be on those dates… MOVE IT! We only do Relationship Breakthrough Retreat ONE TIME A YEAR!!!!!

Yes, we do 5 events a year, but YOU are not allowed to come to the other events, unless you are in RelationshipU.

This is IT! Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is THE event! You have to do this NOW! (Why would you make your relationships WAIT a whole year? What else could be more important than that?)

Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is a 3-day, live immersion experience designed to CATAPULT your relationship to the next level within the 3 days. It is NOT a couple’s event!!! It is a FUN, high energy, life changing, breakthrough experience!

RBR is July 29-31. Put it in your calendar now! And on Valentine’s Day, get ready to BUY YOUR TICKET!!!!!!!!

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