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Relationship Development Method®

The Martino’s Relationship Development Methodology has been developed over the last 10+ years, but truly started developing over 20 years ago when Stacey made a unique discovery… by accident.

Stacey’s accidental discovery was that it only takes ONE person to transform a relationship. Since then, the Martino’s have spent decades building out their method and tools, helping thousands of people and through their research, experience and results have proven the following...

Relationship is a Skill Set

Relationship Development is that Skill Set

It only takes ONE person to get the Skill Set to create the results you want in your relationships.

According to some studies, the current divorce rate in the US averages about 50% for first marriages, 60% - 67% for second marriages and 73% - 75% for third+ marriages. The average marriage today lasts only 8 years. And EVERY year $200 Billion is spent on Divorce in the United States alone. Every year.

Yet, the students in the Martino’s RelationshipU program have had a 1% Divorce Rate over a 6-year study period of student results!

The Martino’s method and tools have resulted in saved marriages and healed families all around the world.

Through their research, experience and results of helping thousands of people, Stacey & Paul accidentally discovered the OLD & broken relationship paradigm, that the Martino’s call, Demand Relationship® and the new, effective relationship paradigm, which they invented, called Relationship Development®.

Through showing their students the paradigm that we were handed, that simply does not work in today’s society and giving them the new paradigm, method and tools to use it, students have single-handedly transformed their marriages and family.

Relationship is a skill set.

When you use the Demand Relationship skill set, you break down your relationships. When you use the Relationship Development skill set, you build up your relationships.

If your relationships aren’t where you want them to be today, you simply ran to the end of your skill set.

Relationship is a Skill Set & it can be learned!

Thousands of students have already successfully done it... you can too!

We help people to….

  • Save their marriage without couple’s work
  • Create a rock-solid relationship where nothing can come between you
  • Reduce & eliminate kerfuffles
  • Solve the challenges that have been there for years or decades, even the stuff on the “we don’t talk about that” list.
  • Empower you to bring harmony back to your home
  • Create the win-win, so you can both be on the same page
  • Heal the disappointments and betrayals that you haven’t been able to get past so you can be free of them
  • Understand their partner’s wiring and how they are wired differently
  • Get their needs met in their relationship in ways they were never able to before
  • Feel fully supported as a team
  • Navigate any conversation without fighting
  • Create alignment, even on things where you disagree
  • Solve the arguments and disagreements without yelling or silences
  • Reignite the passion or create passion that you never had together
  • Bring the fun and playfulness back
  • Gain their calm and confident energy when interacting with others
  • Feel ready & skilled to navigate whatever comes their way
  • Be the parent each child needs them to be
  • Create the marriage & the family that they always dreamed of
  • ... and more

And if you are thinking… “that’s great, but you don’t understand what I’m dealing with over here, this just can’t work for me!”

We’ve worked with people who…

  • Have 10+ Kids, Have No Kids, Have kids with Special Needs
  • Dealing with Recent Losses or Traumas
  • Are trying to recover from Infidelity
  • Have a partner recovering from Addiction
  • Dealing with Narcissism
  • Medical Challenges adding stress
  • Living apart due to work or military
  • Job Stress wired differently
  • Loss of work
  • Financial Stress or Bankruptcy
  • Extended Family Drama
  • Spouse doesn’t support your business or work
  • Separated already or near divorce
  • Different opinions on Parenting
  • Different opinions on Money & Budgets
  • Different opinions on religion, health, education
  • Different opinions on how to spend time
  • Different opinions on where to live
  • Different opinions on sex
  • Different opinions on who does what around the house
  • …and MANY more!

People the world over are actually giving up on love because they cannot figure out how to create and KEEP a loving, passionate partnership with another human!

Families are falling apart left and right…

All because no one ever taught us these skills!

That is, until NOW.

See, unlike us, YOU don’t have to figure out the relationship transformation skills, tools, and strategies all on your own…

Because we’ve already cracked the code for you!

Our Relationship Development® Methodology includes the PROVEN skill sets we’ve developed over a decade of helping thousands and thousands of people…

Skill sets that empower you to solve relationship challenges in a way that builds UP your relationship (instead of tearing it down)!

That all by itself is pretty INCREDIBLE…

But you wanna know the BEST part?

The BEST part is that with our method…

It only takes ONE person to transform ANY relationship!

We do NOT do any couple’s work. Your partner does NOT need to do this with you!

That means YOU can do this and experience REAL RESULTS (as early as the SAME DAY), even if your partner wants absolutely NOTHING to do with relationship work and thinks it’s a complete and total waste of time…

And even if one (or both of you) already have one foot out the door!

PLUS, you can do it ALL without pleasing, compromising, changing who you are, or resorting to any other old, broken tactics that DO NOT WORK in today’s relationships!

So if ANY of these sound like you…

  • You’re hanging by a thread in your relationship…

  • You’re trapped in a passionless marriage…

  • You’re heading for a divorce and need to get along for the sake of your kids…

  • You’re already in a happy marriage that you want to feel like you have “divorce-proofed” it…

  • You’re single and ready to find your forever love the RIGHT way…

We’re Introducing Our: Relationship Development Method®

Stacey & Paul Martino, Inventors of the Relationship Development® Methodology

STACEY & PAUL MARTINO have proven that it only takes ONE partner to transform a relationship... ANY relationship!

The Martino's are on a mission to empower people to get the Unshakable Love and Unleashed Passion they want in their relationship... even if their partner REFUSES to change!

Stacey and Paul, are the creators of Relationship Development®. Their Relationship Development® methodology is personal development for your relationship.

Their RelationshipU program has had a 1% Divorce Rate and a 99% Success Rate over a 6-year study period of student results! Those results are unheard of! And that's because...this methodology WORKS!

The Martinos are Changing the Way Relationship is Done®!

For over 10 years, they have helped thousands and thousands of people, from all over the world, to transform their marriages, parenting and families! (all by working with only ONE spouse)

Tens of thousands of people have been through their programs and events. Over a million people have heard them speak. The Martino's have written books, been featured in magazines and other media all over the world, and Stacey is the relationship columnist for Aspire Magazine.

They have been featured by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, Annie Grace, Chris Wark and many others. They have spoken on many stages to audiences from 35,000 (in person) to 210,000 (online).

But what really matters is the RESULTS.....

There's a reason .... a reason why at Relationship Development Live Events, over 50% of all attendees have attended an RD event before and are attending AGAIN!

There's a reason why 90%+ of all students in the RelationshipU advance to their next year in the program because they want MORE!

Relationship Development works!