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U.S. Divorce Rates Today*
50% 1st Marriage
60%+ 2nd Marriage
73%+ 3rd Marriage
Military Service & 1st Responder Divorce Rates Today Are Even HIGHER!*
Due to High Stress & Deployment, Military & 1st Responders Face the Highest Divorce Rates of Any Career
RelationshipU has had a 1% Divorce Rate & 99% Success Rate Over a 6 Year Study Period of Student Results!

Relationship Development® is Proud to Serve Military & 1st Responders for Over 10 Years!

A large number of RelationshipU Students are Military & 1st Responders.

I’m proud of my 29 years’ service and wouldn’t trade it for anything; that said, military life placed a lot of stress on my relationships. The frequent moves, deployments, long hours, and time away from home took a toll that neither my wife nor I realized until our marriage imploded. Though we never stopped loving each other, we could no longer live together. We were in a lot of pain—our kids, too—but couldn’t break the downward spiral. We were losing hope, and divorce was imminent. Then we found this program, and everything changed. Stacey & Paul gave us the knowledge, skills and support we needed to turn things around and save our marriage and family. As difficult as it was, we now see our breakup as an inflection point, a painful time we came out of better and stronger than ever. Joining the military was one of the best things I’ve done in my life; so was joining Relationship Development. It worked for us—it can for you, too!

J.M., Lt Col USAF, Retired

Paul & Stacey Martino, Inventors & Creators,
Relationship Development® Method

  • 10+ Years Serving Military Families
  • NO couple’s work
  • NOT counseling or therapy
  • Proven Skills-Based Solution
  • Served Thousands of People
  • Online Training, Worldwide
  • Only Takes 1 Person
  • Empowers ONE PERSON to single-handedly
    transform their marriage and parenting
  • RU 1% Divorce Rate, 6 Yr Study
  • Individual Training & Support for Each Spouse
    During Deployments

Our Relationship Development® Methodology is a Proven Skills-Based Solution, Used by Thousands of People, Worldwide, for Over 10 Years. Relationship Development is NOT counseling, therapy or psychiatry and we do NOT do any couple’s work.

RelationshipU, Saving Marriages & Supporting Military &
1st Responder Families for 10+ Years

Our RelationshipU Program is a 12-month individual online skills-based training program teaching our method & tools.
RU also provides DAILY Support.

RU empowers ONE PERSON to single-handedly transform their marriage and parenting

Before Relationship Development I had no awareness how much of my military/law enforcement identity was showing up and running the show at home with my husband and kids. This caused so many problems to the point that my marriage was hanging by a thread, and I felt I was losing my kids, meaning our relationship was only getting more and more distant. Relationship Developed equipped me with the tools to save my marriage and build a relationship with my kids where there is trust and rapport. I started to excel at work using this tools with my staff and supervisor. Gaining cooperation without compromise

B.P., Sgt. USMC Honorably Discharged - Sgt. Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office

RelationshipU, more than counseling or extensive work on myself, was the real key to saving and revitalizing my marriage. And my husband didn’t need to participate AT ALL for this transformation. Maybe it’s the military in me, but I always prefer to do what works.

M. D., Lieutenant Commander, USN Retired

 Being an Air Force wife was a bitter sweet time in my life. Sweet because of all the experiences lived and friendships made. Bitter because at times it was like being a single parent and our relationship and family life suffered greatly. Looking back, I see that we didn’t have the tools to navigate the constant separations, and deployments; as time went by, I grew deeply unhappy and separated my partner of 25 years. Finding RelationshipU at the time I was pursuing divorce, was a watershed; it gave me the much needed awareness and tools to understand that I had not married the wrong person, I just lacked awareness of the dynamics that had led us to this point. A short time into RU allowed us to get back together, see each other differently and start creating a new relationship. I’m So grateful to have said yes to this work, as RU has enhanced all aspects of our lives, most importantly our relationship with our now adult kids, but also with extended family and my business. As Stacey and Paul always say, relationship is a skill set and it can be learned! It’s been so worth it for us💜

A.M -Former Air Force Wife

Through the military retirement process my partner was sent to a psychiatrist. During those evaluation sessions, the psychiatrist told him the only path forward was for us to separate. This lit a fire within me. I implemented every piece of Relationship Development. This lead to me single handedly saving our marriage and has given our child the gift of living in a home with two joy filled parents who truly want the best for each other every day. Putting each others happiness above our own and creating the marriage and life together we have always dreamt of.

Thank you Stacey & Paul! 😘💞

 RelationshipU not only meets us in the detachments and deployments with sound skills to navigate everything that comes with them, these strategies profoundly influence each and every interaction. The tested methods have supported every part of my life and I, without question, recommend Relationship Development.

AK sister of Retired Commander, US Navy

 My partner is a police officer, and the stress of being in relationship with a first responder can really take a toll. RelationshipU gave me the support I needed, the community I craved, and skill set essential to navigating the unique set of issues that came up for us. These are real solutions that anyone can learn if they are committed to creating the relationship they want. I wholeheartedly recommend Relationship Development to everybody

J.S., wife of police officer

RelationshipU Includes 12 Months of…

RelationshipU Online Curriculum
Online Curriculum
($25,000 Value)
Done With You Support Services
Done With You
Support Services
($18,000 Value)
RU Team Support & Accountability
RU Team Support
& Accountability
($1,200 Value)
3 RU Livestream Multi-Day Events
3 RU Livestream
Multi-Day Events
($12,000 Value)
Daily Access: RDO Expert Team
Daily Access:
RDO Expert Team
($12,000 Value)
BONUS: RD Parenting Program
RD Parenting Program
($15,000 Value)
BONUS: Men of RU M3 Program
Men of RU M3 Program
($12,000 Value)
BONUS: Free Partner Tuition
Free Partner Tuition
($15,000 Value)

Tuition: $14,997

Total Value: $110,200

RelationshipU 12 Month Program Military Service Group Discount

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BONUS: Free Livestream Class
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