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Relationship Development Organization -
a Mission-Driven Organization

Relationship Development Organization was formed in 2011 with ONE mission... to serve families.

RDO History

In 1995, I started my studies of Human Dynamics that would ultimately lead to my figuring out how to save my own relationship with Paul in the year 2000. In 2009 & 2010, Paul and I figured out how to help people in their relationships with the creation of our 8-Step Relationship Transformation System®. Working with hundreds and then thousands of students, led to our discovery of Demand Relationship and our invention of Relationship Development, and also our invention of the hundreds and hundreds of tools, strategies and Skill Sets in our Relationship Development Methodology

RDO – The Organization

When I realized that I individually could not help very many families in one year while working my full-time tax job, I knew I had to do something to help MANY people at once, and I could not manage it alone. That is when what is now Relationship Development Org started to form. 

Relationship Development Org (RDO) is a mission-driven organization here to serve families. Our mission is to empower ONE individual in each family, with the Relationship Development Skill Sets to transform their marriage & parenting. 

Relationship is a Skill Set

Relationship Development is that Skill Set

It only takes ONE person to learn the Relationship Development Skill Set to create the results you want in your relationships.


Each time ONE parent gets the Relationship Development Skill Sets and implements them, transforming their marriage and parenting, everyone in that family transforms as a result. 

The other spouse reacts and responds differently. Eventually, they organically start modeling how their spouse is talking to them. 

The kids are learning Relationship Development Skill Sets of interacting and speaking by modeling their parents. (Instead of modeling the Demand Relationship they WERE modeling from their parents before)

The way we Flip the Switch on the Demand Relationship paradigm that we were handed by past generations is to MODEL Relationship Development to the next generation. 

The MISSION behind RDO is the CHILDREN in the homes.

Yes, we love all humans and very much want to help parents be happy, heal their families and create a marriage that is unshakeable & unleashed. And we do that, every day. 

AND... our MISSION is the CHILDREN in those homes. 

Every day, around the world, there are children in the homes of parents who struggling, miserable or breaking apart. It’s not the parent’s fault. They never got these Skill Sets. But the fact remains that as each parent runs to the end of their skill set, and defaults into Demand Relationship, the marriage breaks down, the parenting relationship with each child breaks down until there is yelling, stress, anxiety and pain growing and spreading in that environment. 

Every day that there are children in those homes, the child’s level of stress, anxiety, fear, depression and loneliness grows. These kids are suffering. And their parents, even with the BEST of intentions, are unequipped to help the child, because they themselves don’t have the skill sets yet to STOP this downward spiral. 

For decades, divorce has been the only thing people could think of to STOP the pain... but as we have already learned, the divorce doesn’t SOLVE anything, for anyone in that house, and it adds a whole new set of problems too.

That’s why Relationship Development Org (RDO) exists. 

We are here to give the Relationship Development Skill Sets to every human who wants them... so we can help to HEAL families and heal these children.

Every child raised in a home where Relationship Development is modeled, will NOT have to UNRAVEL decades of Demand Relationship garbage when they get older. They won’t have to seek me out when they are 40 and their marriage is falling apart because of years of stacked up Demand Relationship. 

These children are the KEY to changing the world... forever. 

They pick up Relationship Development much faster than we adults do because they don’t have decades of conditioning to unravel. They model it right away because it FEELS good. They SHIFT quickly in response to their parents that start using it. 

Countless numbers of RelationshipU students have already reported that they have helped their children to stop having anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and to stop hurting themselves... by bringing Relationship Development solutions into their homes. 

These kids won’t need “training” on Relationship Development later. The children of these children will be born into a home that never knew Demand Relationship... they will only see it on TV at and other people’s houses. 

That is the MISSION of RDO... the children of this world can bring peace on earth. Maybe not in my lifetime...but hopefully in theirs. 

Each Relationship Transformer (that’s what we call ourselves) that implements Relationship Development for their family, is joining this MISSION.

We’ve been around for over a decade, but we are just getting started. 

Soon our books will be everywhere. Our corporate training programs will be making their way into every corporation and their employees, for how to inter-act in a way that builds up relationships instead of breaks them down. 

And our Relationship Development Foundation will ensure that our Relationship Development Skill Sets get into the hands of every teacher, institution, social service and community leader that wants them. 

Demand Relationship is DYING. It stopped working a LONG time ago. It’s causing so much unnecessary pain today that it’s only a matter of time before MORE and MORE and MORE humans start searching for a SOLUTION that works. 

It’s not IF Relationship Development will be the way forward... it’s just about WHEN you would like to begin benefitting from it (and stopping the unnecessary suffering).  

I received a very clear CALLING when I invented Relationship Development... “Help the children by serving the family... tell as many people as want to listen”

That’s my job. 

That’s the MISSION of Relationship Development Organization.

And for the Relationship Transformers that join this MISSION and get the Relationship Development Skill Sets... you are changing the trajectory of your family’s legacy forever!

Is your family next?