Are you enjoying your “Vacation Sex” today??

Old Saying:  When your work is your passion….it’s not work.

New Twist:  When you create a magnificent love affair, every day feels like a vacation!

Paul and I are enjoying the beach this week for family vacation!  We are having such a wonderful and amazing time here having fun in the sun!!! The kids are so happy to be here for the one week they have between camp and school!!!

Three of my private coaching clients had sessions scheduled with me this week (before we planned this last minute get away).  So yesterday, I spent a few hours coaching my clients from the BEACH!

I had a big realization that I want to share with you!!!

Each session that I started I would ask my client if they could hear me ok, before we begin, because I am walking by the beach and it can be loud here (waves, people, fun).  Every time I checked with them, they each said the same thing to me.  They apologized that I was coaching them while on vacation and wanted to make sure it was OK with me that they have their private session.

Of course, my private clients are amazing and considerate, so that part doesn’t surprise me at all!  What DID surprise me was the feeling that I immediately had each time they asked me if it was OK!

For me, I quickly realized that I LOVE what I do, I LOVE where I’m doing it, and I LOVE who I’m doing it with!!!!

Coaching my yummy private clients, out in the sun, while walking along the beach, invigorated and excited from their incredible breakthroughs!!!!! YES!!!!! Yes to all of it!!!!  It is WAY more than OK!!

It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon at the beach!  So, it’s true what they say, when you LOVE your work….it never feels like work!

That got me thinking.

As I walk along the boardwalk with my family and I see all the couples holding hands or having a romantic moment, I realized that it is SOOOO much easier for couples to experience love and passion when they are away on vacation!

Away from responsibility, in a more playful state, free of stressors, and away from work.  All those factors contribute to couples having a more romantic, more loving and more passionate experience while on vacation from “regular” life!

That’s why there’s such a thing as “Vacation Sex”!  Vacation can free people and bring out the best in our intimate relationships!!!

As a love and passion expert, I find it bitter-sweet when I see couples in love at the beach!

I know, it sounds crazy.  Hang on, I’ll explain.

It’s wonderful (sweet) to see couples lovingly experiencing their time together, of course!!! But, from MY perception, it’s also sad (bitter) because I know that a large percentage of couples do not have this “vacation sex” experience when they are at home and managing responsibilities, work and stress.

For Paul and I, every day at home is “Vacation Sex”!

Our relationship doesn’t change one bit when we are on vacation.   That got me thinking, like the old saying about loving your work….When you create a magnificent love affair, then every day feels like vacation!

It does require intention, focus and some energy to create a magnificent love affair.  It also requires those things to create a fit and healthy body, an abundance of wealth or a successful and growing work/business that is also your passion!

No one who has an extraordinary quality of life got there without intention, focus and energy.

So, I’m enjoying being on vacation!!!  I also enjoy coaching a few of my Private Clients while I’m here, because my work is my passion and it’s not really work!  And I’m enjoying my intimate time with Paul here just as much as I do at home!

Because when you create a magnificent love affair, every day feels like vacation!!!

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not knocking vacation and I’m not a “work-a-holic” (that actually seems funny to me to even say that these days)!

Balance is KEY and very needed! Work hard/play hard is how Paul and I play!  And, just to be clear, I FIRMLY believe that your relationship REQUIRES adult alone time together away!!! If you can do that on vacation – AWESOMENESS!!!!

The question is, do you NEED to be “on vacation” to get to that “vacation sex” state??

Consider this:  When do you find that you start to get that “I need a vacation” feeling?  What part of the vacation are you fantasizing about the most? Leaving your work behind?  Leaving your stress behind?? Being in a romantic environment with your partner??

Whatever it is, that’s a great indicator that perhaps that area of your life needs some intention, focus and energy to improve your every day quality of life?  So work doesn’t feel like work, and your intimate relationship feels like “vacation sex” every day!!!!

Post a comment below and let me know what it is that you crave when you need to “get away”???

Here’s to your “vacation sex”!!!!

Sending love, sun and sand!


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8 thoughts on “Are you enjoying your “Vacation Sex” today??

  1. I crave down time and a break for the day to day stress-commute, stop-lights, stopping at the store. I agree"When your work is your passion….it’s not work." and your update "
    "When you create a magnificent love affair, every day feels like a vacation!"
    I do enjoy the break from the day to day-even when it is a day like today were I sit on my deck in the warm sun. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I crave a slowing down of the schedules. I just too my first “real” vacation in 10 years this past July. I always took the laptop, checked emails, managed “things”. I swore it wasn’t happening this year and I did it! It was GLORIOUS!! I was able to rest, read and just enjoy my family and spend a lot of adult time with my husband. Here we are over a month out from that and I realize again how important it is to make that a priority on a daily basis. Thanks Stacey!

  3. When I need to get away I crave putting the to do list away and just being spontaneous and open to wherever life takes us.. I LOVE being unscheduled and unbridled. I am a HUGE fan of adult time away with my husband… and am SOOO very thankful for the long trips we've taken. We saved, we scheduled, we got help from our family – and we went together alone – and every time it was terrific (even for our day trips)! And NOW we cherish those moments and memories forever…

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