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[Brand New Video] Sex Kerfuffle

Stacey Martino

Sex is VERY different for men then it is for women…. and it causes Kerfuffle!

In this 3:14 minute video Paul and I are teaching a key difference in how men and women are wired for SEX.

As with everything that Paul and I teach, learning how your partner is wired differently than you, is NOT so that you can judge them and cause more pain to your relationship!

The reason for learning this fundamental difference it to help YOU shift your perspective and BUILD UP your relationship instead of breaking it down.

When you truly understand your man’s constant need for sex, you can have a deeper appreciation for HIS model of the world and how HE feels. Stand in his shoes for a moment and recognize that YOU are the only person who is allowed to satiate this need for him.

When you truly understand that your woman DOES NOT have the same wiring or constant need for sex, instead of getting frustrated with her for withholding, you can appreciate that it’s just off her radar. You can use tools and strategies to create more sex with your partner without feeling resentful that you aren’t “getting enough”.

At Relationship Breakthrough Retreat, Paul and I spend an entire DAY teaching about the differences between the masculine and the feminine and the tools and strategies that you can begin to use to TRANSFORM your relationship from Kerfuffle to Rock Solid!

My question for you today…. In what way does learning this allow you to SHIFT your perspective and see this dynamic differently?