Date with Destiny…A Sunny Perspective!


I know that many of you are waiting to hear the update on my experience (Sunny’s experience) at Date with Destiny this time around.  Both Paul and I both had many breakthroughs, experienced a profound shift and had an absolutely crazy fantabulous outstanding time too!!!

I thought that perhaps the best way I can serve you is to share with you a couple of my biggest take-aways from this DWD event.  I’ll start with two here today and add more in the coming weeks!  There’s just SOOO much I want to share with you!

Keep in mind, this was not my first rodeo! Not only have Paul and I been through DWD before, but all the training that I do with Tony and Cloe for my certifications requires me to watch hours upon hours of film footage that is all from Date with Destiny events.  So I am immersed in this content a lot.

That being said, it AMAZES me that the breakthroughs, distinctions and lessons that I got at this DWD were SO PROFOUND and LIFE CHANGING!!!

That actually brings me to the first major take-away that I got from this DWD experience.  I must come back into this immersion environment every once in a while….for ME.  I know that may sound simple and obvious, but let me expound a bit (yes, I said expound…I know some big ass words!)

Here’s the thing, over the last two decades I have spent tens of thousands of hours studying Tony’s work and learning from him.  And when I do, I’m mostly doing it from the perspective of “How can I utilize this to better serve my clients and community?”  That’s how I approach a lot of the content that I absorb.  And it serves me very well.

But I didn’t go to this DWD as “Stacey Martino” or “Coach Stacey.”  As you know, I went to this event as Sunny.  I went to DWD for ME personally to have a Date with Destiny!! NOT primarily to sharpen my skills or to serve my clients.  Now, clearly, my skills have been sharpened anyway and I’m delighted to have so many new distinctions and ideas to share with my clients and community as a result of both watching Tony and also just from the “downloads” that I got during the event.

But throughout the event, I really stayed in it for ME.  I wasn’t there taking “event notes” or mapping the framework of how Tony teaches certain things that I also teach.  I was experiencing the immersion event, as only Tony can deliver it…I had MY Date with Destiny!

Yes, it’s true, we went freaking nuts and rocked’ that event for 6 crazy intense days! Yep, we played full out and gave everything we had for 18 hours a day with only one 40 minute break! Yes, Paul and I only got a few hours sleep each night and were up jumping on our chairs and dancing the next morning anyway! And yes, the night before we flew home, we only slept for 90 minutes!  As crazy as all that sounds, one of my biggest take-aways from this event is that those 6 days were like a TRIP TO THE SPA for me!

It was a hedonistic experience to go to DWD as Sunny (not as Stacey Martino) and just RECEIVE my DWD from MY coach!  Six days of complete immersion to focus on creating my NEW life by design.  Knowing that the greatest man on earth, my husband, is also doing the same.  And we are both so blessed as to be guided through this immersion experience by our greatest coach and mentor Tony Robbins!  All that, while we were surrounded by 2200 amazing and inspiring people who were jumping up and down, playing full out and creating a vortex of energy that no human could possibly imagine could exist!  The blessing of that experience is so hedonistic and such a gift to me…that it’s like giving myself 6 days at a spa to rejuvenate.  Only this 6 day experience will shift my experience of all 365 days of my year for YEARS and DECADES to come!

So my first huge take-away from this DWD event is that Paul and I know that we must come back through DWD for ourselves every 5-7 years.  Once we were in the event, we both quickly realized that while we had created a life by design at the last DWD and were living that life…AND we had both outgrown our design and it was time to design a new one!

My second biggest take away …..

When someone is truly raw, honest and vulnerable, that’s when TRUE humanity shows up!

I experienced this so many times at DWD, it felt like my entire event experience was DESIGNED to give me this lesson in such a powerful and experiential way that I can never question it.

Many years ago, we had the good fortune of ending up in a serious financial crisis.  Yes, good fortune.  Because what happened was that those people that we confided in at the time, rushed forward to help us in every way possible.  It was then that I started to see that when you are real, authentic, vulnerable and perfectly humanly flawed…you actually draw people CLOSER to you.

And I live from that place today.  But at DWD, I had a new level of distinction on this pattern, one that drove this deeper for me, in a way that has changed me forever.  I hope this serves you!

There were many times when someone shared something so RAW, so VULNERABLE, so REAL…with ZERO positioning, ZERO protecting, ZERO hiding, that I could feel the humanity in them and anyone in that room who was OPEN could certainly feel it too!  This happened whether that person was sharing something inspiring or something positively painful.

In those moments, what I experienced was complete strangers spontaneously running forward to serve, support, and love that person.  This happened repeatedly.  After one moment in particular, I got a huge distinction that shifted me in a way that I’m not even sure I can fully explain yet.

So many people go to a personal development event and think that it’s not the REAL WORLD.  I’ve heard so many people say “Oh yeah, but in the real world, I can’t…..” Or “People aren’t really like that in the REAL WORLD.”

There was one particular moment during DWD when a man ran across the room, to serve another man…really HELP him find his confidence and FEEL his worth.  As he ran across the room, I watched his face completely lit up and smiling… I got it! This man was GIVING to GIVE, not GIVING to GET.  The pure honesty, integrity, and rawness of the person in need called forth this greatness from this man!

In that moment I knew, THIS IS THE REAL HUMANITY.  THIS, right here, this running forth to GIVE when we experience the TRUTH and honesty in another human.

Everything else, in the outside world, the positioning, covering up, and protection out of fear, that’s not REAL!

The truth is, when people experience another HUMAN being real, raw and vulnerable, it connects them to their own real, raw and vulnerable self and the best version of themselves is called forward to serve!  And the opposite is also true.  When people feel another person is covering up, distancing, positioning themselves or posturing, they are repelled or indifferent towards them.  That was the message I got loud and clear!

Ask yourself and see what comes up for you.  When was the last time you experienced someone being truly raw and vulnerable in your presence?  Can you think of a moment? And what did you do next?  Did you feel compelled to comfort them, help them, support them or love them in some way?

Now, can you think of a time when you interacted with someone that you felt was positioning themselves? Perhaps not being completely truthful? Someone who was a bit closed off or someone who was unwilling to “go there”?  What did you do next? Did you feel compelled to comfort them, help them, support them or love them in some way? Or did you also disengage or distance yourself a bit? Or maybe you were just as “indifferent” as they were?

It’s ironic that the one thing so many people are terrified to do is the one thing that will call forth the best in those around them! I promise you this, whatever you think your “ugly” parts are….I have them too, and so does everyone else! If you think that if someone experiences your flawed humanity and they realize that you do NOT have it all together that they will be SHOCKED and freak out as if you are an alien….you are crazy sweetie! None of us “have it all together”! We all have our crazy shit and sometimes everything falls apart.  If we don’t…then we are not living big enough and we are not going for it enough!

So I challenge you.  Test my theory!  Take a baby step….just TRY ON raw, honest and vulnerable sometime…and see what magic might happen for you!

There’s so much more I want to share with you from this experience! This is just barely the tip of the iceberg! More to come soon!

Sending love,




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  1. Oh Stacey-This is my mission… that people simply embrace their true selves… with utter abandon – and begin living authentically on-purpose. So many things would work if we could all simply be ourselves. Thanks for the post! Awesome! Sending you love and light.

    1. Amen Cena! I’m with you!!! Getting back to being our most authentic selves is the best for us, our relationship and the world!! Love you sweetie!

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