From One Ice Princess to Another…FROZEN!


How many times have you seen the movie Frozen?

Better question…..How many times have you HEARD the movie Frozen?? (Haha! We get to hear the movies 1,000 times right?!)

The life and love lessons in this film are amazing! This is my all-time favorite Disney movie now!

Let’s begin….

Elsa, the oldest Princess in the kingdom is born under a “curse.”  She has the power to create ICE and SNOW.  Out of their fear that their daughters will be harmed because of what makes Elsa DIFFERENT in the world, her parents teach her to suppress her different-ness.

“Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.”

Elsa spends her whole life in isolation trying to protect herself and her family from her ultimate fear…anyone finding out about her “Icy Powers.”

Her powers get stronger and stronger over time.  It gets harder and harder for her to suppress who she really is.

Then one day, Elsa’s worst fears come true and everyone finds out anyway.  The worst thing she could imagine happens.  Everyone finds out and she has to run!

“A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the queen.
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside.
Couldn’t keep it in, Heaven knows I tried.
Don’t let them in, don’t let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be.
Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know.
Well, now they know!”

Somewhere in the process of running, she realizes the FREEDOM that comes when you walk straight into the thing that you fear the most!


“It’s funny how some distance, makes everything seem small.
And the fears that once controlled me, can’t get to me at all
It’s time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through.
No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I’m free!”

Very often in life, the very thing that we are most afraid of is the one thing that we MUST do!  Once you walk straight into it, you take away the power it had over you.  The fear that controlled you is gone.

And then of course she gets to experience the POWER of her GIFT.  She can do great things with her Icy Powers.  Sure, there’s risk in that power, but there’s also greatness.

Yes, her parents had the best of intention when they tried to help her be “the good girl” they thought she HAD TO be.

But it turns out they were wrong.  She has a gift.  A magical gift.  You watch her and you see the power of her most authentic self transform her as she OWNS herself completely!

She’s Free!

So, my darling, what if they were wrong?  With the best of intentions for YOU, what if they were wrong?

What if you didn’t HAVE to be that?  What if you truly could be your most authentic self, with all your unique gifts and powers that make you completely different than everyone Elsa?

Sure, maybe you don’t make snow come out of your hands.  😉

What is it for you?

Let me ask you this way.  Sweetie, what is the one part of yourself that you are most afraid of? The thing you will do the MOST to avoid?  What is the thing that you hide?  What’s the part of yourself that you deny? What would they never accept you to be?  What could you never be to get their love?

What’s your “Conceal, Don’t Feel, Don’t Let Them Know!”

And my darling, what if you… LET IT GO????

What if you walked straight into the fear and let it go?  How free would you be?  How much more energy would you have for life?  That part of you that you deny, the piece that you suppress, that’s YOUR POWER.  It may not be a Snow Making Magic power…but it’s YOUR power!

How do I know?

Because right now, at this very moment, YOU are the only YOU we have on this planet.  And you came here with certain unique gifts and abilities that no one else seems to have.  Just you!  We need those gifts in you…because you are the only YOU we have!

You see sweetie, it actually doesn’t do the world any good for you to try to be more like Tom, Susie or Jane…we already have one of them.  We need YOU to be YOU!

So, sweetie, what if you just LET IT GO! Stop hiding, stop trying to be something else, stop trying to be what they want you to be….LET IT GO!

“Let it go, let it go.
And I’ll rise like the break of dawn.
Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand, in the light of day
Let the storm rage on!
The cold never bothered me anyway.”

The truth is..

“When you are true to yourself, people will love the truth in you” – Stacey Martino

Take it from THIS Ice Princess.  The thing I feared most….being my sunny, bubbly, warm, open, highly excitable, too loud and overly-loving self and getting crushed by people who wipe the floor with OPEN people like me.

So I spent my whole life trying to be more serious. My version of “Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know” was being “The Ice Princess”, wearing black suits, white shirt, pony-tail and glasses; being quiet, not laughing, toughening up and being an achiever so people would take me seriously. I kept my bubbly, funny, bright, loud and sunshiny self kept locked up so they wouldn’t find out that was the real me.

Well guess what? One day it happened anyway.

And in the “well now it happened” moment for me, I decided to LET IT GO and walk straight into it.  And the Ice Princess became the Stacey you know today.  Turns out this whole “Lovie” thing worked out pretty good for me after all!

How about you my love?  What storm will you walk straight through?

Let me be the first person to tell you the truth in this moment….I am going to love you EVEN MORE when I can SEE you, the real YOU! And so will everyone else in your life who is WORTH loving my darling!

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because the people who MIND don’t MATTER, and the people who MATTER don’t MIND.” – Dr Suess

Sending love,

“Former Ice Princess”

p.s. There are so many other moments in this incredible film that give us amazing lessons, including a HUGE lesson of what NOT to do. Be sure to check out next week’s blog for the next article in this Three Part Frozen Series!

*All rights to Frozen, the video, and movie content are owned by Disney.  Idina Menzel lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.

15 thoughts on “From One Ice Princess to Another…FROZEN!

  1. Incredible story, that fits your story. Yes we hace a Elsa inside. And for me is my bigger dream to free myself, many fears to overcome. Thankyou

    1. Lisa, you are incredibly strong and beautiful! I’m not sure we “overcome” fears as much as we tap into the courage we need to ACT in spite of the fear! My best to you Princess!! Love you!

  2. Wooooow there is two ways to be an ice princess, the one blocking and protecting, and the one living her gifts and sharing with love. Thanks God you moved from one to the other. Loce this article!

  3. Stacey, I have the hardest time imagining you as an ice princess. But in all seriousness, I think that one of the greatest gifts I give my clients is greater self understanding. Why are we often so afraid to look at what’s inside? It’s typically not a scary thing at all.

    1. Haha Dorothy! I bet you do have a hard time imagining that!! That is a beautiful gift that you give your clients…and you are BRILLIANT at it!!! Thank you for sharing your powers!!! Love yoU!

  4. Stacey,
    You are one of the most amazing and shining examples of when you let go, leverage who you are and share it with the world, you are unstoppable. I recall the first time I met you and I saw your gifts and talent. My quiet prayer for you then was you would not hold back your warmth and smile, because when you did it was like the sun darted behind a cloud and the room chilled. As I read your post my wish for the world is that everyone gains your awareness. You did ‘let it go’ and you tapped your uniqueness. You are an inspiration to the world as you step out, share your smile, your love of fun, your keen insights on relationships, and your lovely ‘loud’ voice – most of all you lead the way for others to be themselves by being Stacey in every moment of every day! What an abundant world we would live in if just 50% of the world was not afraid to be who they are! Keep being a leader and encouraging the world to be ‘true to yourself’ as ‘people will love the truth in you’. Wishing you an amazing 2014 and beyond!

    1. Oh my gosh Cindy! You made me cry! My heart is full….thank you sweetheart! Your kind and generous words have moved me and I am very grateful! Love you Cindy!

  5. [email protected]! I think this is one of those posts you want to print out and read for yourself and your children… You brought tears to my eyes with this Stacey. I’m so glad you decided to be all of you. What a gift!!
    “YOU are the only YOU we have on this planet. And you came here with certain unique gifts and abilities that no one else seems to have. Just you! We need those gifts in you…because you are the only YOU we have!”

    1. Wow Kelly! I’m moved…thank you! Kelly Schaefer…if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that YOU are the ONLY Kelly Schaefer we got…and we need you to be ALL OF YOU for sure…because no one else is gonna do it!!!! I gotts to have me some more KELLY SCHAEFER! Love you princess!

  6. Can you believe I have not seen this movie?!?!? Yikes! I will put it on my list. Thank you so much for writing on this topic….I love this post. It was only a few months ago that I intentionally stepped into an unapologetic place of doing what I love and being my “unprotected” self and holy cow! it has been wonderful and enlightening! Plus, an unexpected side-effect of walking my talk is that others are inspired and stepping into their hidden passions as well! How cool is that?!?! So exciting to see people I adore do what they love! Thanks for your inspiring story and truly sharing the love!!! xoxoxo

    1. Ahhh Tricia…and it’s been an honor and a delight to feel you step more fully into your most authentic self! there is no doubt sweetie, when people feel that you are 100% being yourself, you give them permission to be themselves too!!! Keep going!!! I’m loving you more every day!

  7. I wanted to see it but now I will for sure….From what you say in the post, it reminds me of something quite close to home. You ask: What’s your “Conceal, Don’t Feel, Don’t Let Them Know!” Well mine is that I am a sensitive and was different from all the children around me. And, my own mother, without realizing it, made me frozen by repudiating that part of me….a piece that I have been trying to reconnect with for a while now. And, maybe, I am brave enough now to let it all go!

  8. Amazing Lilia!!! If I had to pick your greatest asset, I would have pointed to your sensitivity! Your sensory acuity is very high, you pick up on everything! My hallucination is that it’s your heightened sensory acuity that makes you such a brilliant intuitive and strategic coach! Without that sensory acuity (sensitivity), you’d just be another business coach! Thank god for that sensitivity thing you have going on Lilia! It worked out pretty good for you! Perhaps the next time a part of you hears mom’s voice, another part of you will hear mine!!! Loving you every day Lilia! I challenge you princess….there’s another level of sensitivity mastery waiting for you…will you go grab it???

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