2 thoughts on ““Hanging in there” and feminine energy TOOLS!

  1. I couldn’t be more grateful for these short training videos, they help so much! I especially connected with the thought that there is “space in the moment” to choose to respond with your feminine core energy…something I struggle with so much. My husband and I (sort of) joke at times that I am very masculine in many ways while he is more feminine…..definitely NOT how I want things to stay in our relationship, so thank you Stacey very much! I wish SO much I could join you for this year’s RBR but it will have to wait till next year!

    1. I’m SO glad this video serves you Alicia!! We will be here for you when you are ready for your breakthrough! Paul and I spend all of Day Two at RBR giving what you need to reverse that energy flip flop!!! (it’s extremely common!)

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