Holy S%&T…Now What?!

Panic GirlIt’s February 4th at 12:58 pm.

For days, I’ve been doing back to back live calls for audiences around the world teaching how to Reignite Your Passion! I go live again in just two minutes!

My dear friend and coach Jon Vroman of Front Row Global is live on the line, with tons of his amazing peeps ready to hear us rock this LIVE call giving the tools and strategies they want to transform their relationship!

I’m alone in the office here and yet the energy is through the roof!! I’m so happy, so exicited…I love what I do! Can’t wait to rock this call!

We are on mute until exactly 1 pm when the call kicks off….90 seconds to go!

I reach for my one liter bottle of Essentia 9.5 Water and holy F*%K-balls…. I knock the bottle of water over…flooding my LAPTOP and my brand new iPhone 6!!!!

The entire conference call is running off of my laptop using our technology and dashboard….me, Jon, and all our peeps are live…connected by MY laptop! 90 seconds until we go live!

What do YOU do?

So, let me ask you…What the F*%K would you do?

Can you feel your stress rising? Would you freak the F*%K out?

It would be understandable!

Wanna know what I did?

90 seconds to Live on Air….

I grabbed the iPhone and dried it off with my shirt, started speed dialing my online conference call dial information from my iPhone in case my laptop dies and I need to keep the conference call running from my phone. Leave the phone, with headphones plugged in, running on Paul’s (very dry) desk.

70 seconds to Live on Air….

Now for the laptop….I can’t pick it up! It’s docked and the dock is practically tied down to the desk. I can’t risk taking it out of the dock with the live call running. I can only lift it up just an inch or two.

I look around, all I have is my fuzzy wubby….that’s my snuggly fleece wrap that I wrap myself in when it’s chilly in my office. I grab my “wubby” and throw it down on the desk to absorb as much water as I can…shoving it under the laptop to try to get the laptop out of the water.

20 seconds to Live on Air….

I go to the middle of my office, make my power move, and do the same incantation I have done thousands of times to put myself in a peak state before every coaching call, live speaking gig or event that I’ve ever done, for twenty years.

I am in a peak state and unstoppable!!

And we are LIVE!

I hit record on my dashboard, check that the iPhone still has everything running, just in case. And then I hear Jon Vroman’s awesome and powerful voice say…”Welcome everybody, it’s Jon Vroman here ….”

I listen to Jon’s kick-ass introduction, huge smile on my face; we are serving so many people! Here we go! And we are ROCKIN’ this call!!!!!


Ninety minutes of amazing content and life transforming breakthroughs, empowering people to change their lives! Oh Yeah! This is what we do!!!

We wrap the call, and Jon texts me to say that was so freakin’ awesome! And I text him this picture…..”you would not even believe what happened 90 seconds before we went live on that call Jon….”


“Holy S&%T Stay…you’d never know it! You rocked that call! Nice State Mastery rock star!” Jon texts me back.

Whether it’s managing a “disaster” seconds before going live on the air, managing your response to your child who is having a meltdown in aisle 7 or leading your team in the face of the S*&T hitting the fan….your state mastery is one of your most precious assets!

And if you do not have state mastery….start cultivating it NOW!

This year I am celebrating my 20th year with Tony Robbins! Tony taught me everything I know about State Mastery and trained me to have the kind of state mastery to deliver like a Rock Star for those amazing people on the live call, regardless of the meltdown that was happening over here in my office!

From mastering your emotions and reactions by seeing the world differently, to re-writing the software that runs your show, to using incantations and physical movement to trigger yourself into a pre-anchored peak state to use in any situation….the tools for state mastery are endless, and you can always be taking your state mastery to the next level!

In your relationship, your state IS your relationship! When you are in a crap state, it’s not a big shocker that your interactions with your partner are not rainbows and unicorns!

And when you let your partner’s crap state trigger YOU into the toilet with them, you are done for. Ain’t no good gonna come from that (technically speaking)!

You must cultivate your ability to see your partner from a different perspective and utilize the tools and strategies that really work to interact with them and maintain your great state…regardless of the s&%t going on around you!

That’s when you will truly have the power to create your unshakable love and unleashed passion!

Sending love,


p.s. In every step of our 8 Step Relationship Transformation System® Paul and I teach State Mastery tools to use in your relationship and your life! When you are ready to master your state, and create the relationship you really want, check out our Quick Start Program or Live Events!

p.p.s. And always be LEARNING from your mistakes….I now have a roll of paper towels stashed in my office closet….just in case! And my water sits on the desk BEHIND me, not on the desk near my laptop! Always learning and adjusting!

5 thoughts on “Holy S%&T…Now What?!

  1. Love it! Just had a similar experience (in terms of potential emotional mastery moment) this week – was woken from a much needed nap and that, along with a build up of other frustrations, immediately put me in a bad mood. I lay in bed contemplating my reasons for the bad mood and concluded I was justified in my "righteous indignation". And I could be in a bad mood, OR I could be in a good mood and communicate to those around me what behaviors and actions put me in the bad mood so we could avoid it. I CHOSE the latter, making me feel empowered, free, HAPPY, and I got to be in a good mood and communicate healthily with my family. WIN WIN!!! Thank you Stacey for all you have taught me that has helped me get to this IMPORTANT and life changing point. Lots of love and gratitude!!!xoxox and Shabbat Shalom!

  2. Haha! Danielle, luckily my man is an expert in tech. He walked me through how to take apart the laptop (which I didn't know was possible). Glad I did because when I took it apart, water, POURED out of it! Just as Paul predicted, the laptop lasted a while longer and then started to show signs of quirkiness. As soon as it started "acting up" he replaced it! The key is Danielle, we replaced it on OUR timeline when it wasn't critical, by taking action with intention BEFORE the laptop died. Thanks for asking! HUGS!

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