[New Video] How to navigate the Kerfuffle and Problems…and breakthrough to your next level!

I just made this video for you, teaching you a tool we taught our RelationshipU students at our recent 2-day live meeting! It’s all about Kerfuffle, State Mastery and Breaking Through to your next level!

This may be an “unconventional” approach to something you may have learned elsewhere…but I’m sure you’re not surprised about that coming from us!

Language Warning: Grab headphones if the little ones are around or you are in an office…

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Sending love

6 thoughts on “[New Video] How to navigate the Kerfuffle and Problems…and breakthrough to your next level!

  1. OMG this TOTALLY happened for me! Right after the Relationship Breakthrough weekend last summer, I made a commitment to myself to be ALL in with my man and was so excited to finally be in my Feminine and be committed, and not two days later his youngest daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. This totally rocked his world and had him pull away from me, and I was called to stay open and vulnerable and work on my state in a way I never had before. It was intense!!! And now our relationship is better than ever. Thanks for the awesome reminder that the kerfuffle is for our growth!

    1. Great insight MIchelle! “everything happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves you” – Tony Robbins!
      So glad you Did The Work to create the relationship you get to have today lovie!
      Love you!

  2. Inspiring words on how to change our point of view during a potential upset! thanks for sharing

  3. LOL You always make me laugh, Stacey! Yes, I know kerfuffle! I have been calling it the chaos before the treasure… And I am going through it right now!!!! I asked for something a while ago, and G-d seems to think now is the right time, so I am using my Self Mastery tools to be patient as I go through some tremendous kerfuffle adapting to the world adapting to me! Whew! It is not always an easy ride!! But like another attendee of the RTP 2014 told me – ‘G-d has great expectations of you. What are you going to look at? The human side, or the Divine?’ There is only one answer to that, yes?
    xox Great video, and looking forward to your series with Paul. It was your Valentine’s Day video series from two years ago that got me hooked to find more Passion in my life, and I hope it attracts more of those who need it to you this year!!

    1. Magnificent Devorah! I expect nothing less than Kerfuffle on YOUR journey as you bust through comfort zones! Thank you for what you do in the world! It’s our pleasure to serve you and watch you create the results you want with the action you are taking! I got you Devorah! keep going! (there is only one answer to that question…YES!) Love you!!

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