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Is your current relationship your dream for your child?

Stacey Martino

mother and happy babyThis past weekend was Mother’s Day here in the US. Paul and the kids created a very special experience for me! It was fun, heart-warming, loving and magical!

Paul put a lot into creating this incredible mom celebration weekend for me! At one point, our six year old Gracie, noticed how special daddy was making everything for me, from the meals out, to bringing me all my favorite things, to hand-made gifts and cards, to having everyone share what they love most about me being their mom to planting my favorite kind of tree (lilac) in the backyard.

Feeling how special I must feel to have Daddy create all this magic for me, she asked me if I thought her husband would do this for her one day.  Of course I told her, “if you let him know what you love and you appreciate everything he does for you with gusto, then YES, he will create these kind of experiences for you darling.”

I’m not sure she believed me. Because her next words were “Daddy, can I marry YOU when I grow up?”

Hahahaha! So Gracie! She can’t be CERTAIN she’ll have that, so she’s just going to short-cut her outcome and take MINE! 🙂

Paul’s answer to her rocked my world and made me cry! He said,

“Gracie, Mommy is my true love, so I’m married to Mommy. But you know what the best thing about that is? I’m your Daddy, so no matter who you marry, I will LOVE YOU for the rest of your days.”

In that moment, he reminded me of one of the greatest and most unexpected gifts of being a mother… experiencing Paul as a father!

I reassured Gracie that the relationship that Mommy and Daddy have is something that is CREATED and not FOUND. I told her, “Don’t you worry honey, Daddy and I will teach you exactly how to create this for your marriage.” Of course, Gracie being Gracie said “I guess it’s good that my mom and dad are the love and passion coach people!”

This is why we do the work we do in the world today. This is at the core of our mission. Paul and I have a mission that a new generation of children will be raised knowing exactly what a magnificent love affair is because they are raised in one!

Grace and Jake are learning every day what this looks like because Paul and I are their “normal.”

I often ask my clients, “is the current state of your intimate relationship your DREAM for the love and passion that your children should experience for the rest of their days?”

If you want even more for your kids than you have today, then perhaps you should start creating it in your relationship right now, because every day they are learning what a committed relationship is by how you are living in yours.

Sending love,


p.s. Paul and I created our magnificent love affair, it was NOT always like this. That’s why we are so passionate about empowering you to create the love and passion you want, without needing your partner to participate for it to work for you! Do this for yourself, your relationship and your kids!

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