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Hay House Authors Stacey & Paul Martino

Coming February 2025!
Our Brand New Book

After 14+ years of helping thousands of people to save their marriages, Stacey and Paul Martino are finally releasing their book to share their unique Relationship Development® Methodology with the world.  

The surprising paradigm the Martinos’ have uncovered has been The Missing Piece in our knowledge of human relationships. They demonstrate why the old relationship paradigm is broken, why couples work is actually destructive, and how their norm-shattering one-person methodology can be easily learned by the reader to enable them to single-handedly transform their marriage, stop the kerfuffles and bring harmony back to their home.

The Martino’s have proven that marriage isn’t a “mental health” or even a personality issue. Instead, thriving relationships are the result of a skill set that nobody else has been able to figure-out, until now.

Packed with tools, this book demonstrates how one person can quickly begin to transform their relationship, without compromise or pleasing and without having to convince their partner to get on board.

At a time when divorce rates are sky high and families are unnecessarily suffering, The Missing Piece provides powerful solutions to help the reader navigate real-life situations harmoniously, regardless of what they are currently facing.

Written in a relatable and actionable style, this book is an indispensable guide.

Whether the reader wishes to make a great relationship even better, rescue a marriage on the brink of divorce or heal a co-parenting relationship affecting their family, this book has the answers they need. Giving them the piece that has been missing all this time.

There has never been a book published which promises a one-person relationship method before. But this isn’t just a theory or idea, the Relationship Development Methodology has been proven by many students, over many years. 

Now it’s your turn to finally get The Missing Piece. (Release Date February 2025 by Hay House Publishing)