Why do I always have to do everything?

Maybe you’ve heard me explain how it only takes one partner to transform a relationship and how you absolutely can create the unshakable love and unleashed passion that you desire…and you can begin without your partner’s participation.

Something I hear a lot…..
“How come I’m always the one who has to work on our relationship….why can’t it be him or her?”
“Why should I do this when he/she isn’t making an effort?”


My answer:
You totally don’t have to sweetie.
You can absolutely continue to live the life you are living today.
Waiting for your magnificent love affair to interrupt your day…. waiting for your partner to spontaneously transform!

Why do this on your own?

You are already DOING and TRYING so much! You are GIVING.  You are working on it! You are trying!
But what you are doing isn’t working!
And maybe you are frustrated, disappointed and exhausted from all that…

So, I would ask you – What if you completely STOPPED doing all that stuff?! STOP putting energy and effort into anything that doesn’t work for you!!!
What if you took all that “EFFORTING” you are doing and put just SOME Of it into doing what actually does work?

How would that be??  Better?

When I say….one person can absolutely transform their relationship on their own.  That EMPOWERS YOU to create the relationship YOU want to live in for the rest of your life….
Instead of being at the whim of your partner who maybe will or maybe will not give you what you need and want!

It begins with YOU….and that’s a good thing! That means that YOU can do it!  You are not stuck, you are not helpless, you are not at someone else’s mercy or whim.
You just have a lack of tools and skills right now to create what you want.
GREAT! You can change that!!!!

So, instead of that knee-jerk reaction to “what?! I have to do it?”  Consider this instead, “You mean, I can make this happen for myself?!”

You know yourself! You know you get stuff done! You know you can count on you! Well, use that!

Personal Responsibility isn’t a burden….it’s your FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending love,


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