2 Millimeters

“When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work, you’re usually just 2 millimeters away from making it happen.” – Tony Robbins

We all know what that moment feels like. When you are at the point where you feel that you’ve tried everything and nothing will work. Or you’ve done all you can and it’s just not happening. Just when it gets the most difficult, the most uncomfortable and you feel like giving up…you are just 2 millimeters away from your breakthrough.

The tragedy is, that most people give up in that moment. Not realizing that they were just 2 millimeters away from their breakthrough…they walk away.

Perhaps, like me, you have conditioned yourself to get triggered….and now when it gets the most difficult and the most uncomfortable, you get a twinge of excitement and plow through knowing that you are so close to breaking through.
Perhaps this is the first you are hearing of this “phenomenon”.

Either way, I’d like to share a distinction with you that my husband and I have come to realize in the last couple of years. This distinction took us to a new level and I hope that it will serve you.

Two millimeters isn’t just a “belief” to adopt. There is a reason for this “phenomenon”. Once we understood this, all the pieces started to come together for us and we were able to see all the pieces around us contributing to the break through moment.

Our resistance went down, our struggle time diminished and life got a whole lot more enjoyable when we embraced this “phenomenon”! This explanation is the culmination of three distinct quotes/teachings from three of our mentors, that when put together, illuminate a new reality.

First, our client attraction mentor, Fabienne Fredrickson teaches us,

“You ask and it is given”

The universe is always giving you what you ask for. It’s just never given in the form of a check, it’s given in the form of an opportunity. You ask, and the universe gives you an opportunity that will give you exactly what you asked for.

But here’s the thing, when presented with an opportunity, most of us have a knee-jerk reaction to say “no”, make an excuse, give a reason and say “Nah, not for me, thanks.” WHY?

That brings us to the second quote from Keith Cunningham, our business mentor. Keith says,

“The solution to your current problem is sitting just outside your comfort zone. The question is, are you going to go get it?”

So, back to our question, why do we say “no” when the universe presents us with the opportunity that is going to give us exactly what we’ve asked for? Because that opportunity will take us just outside our current comfort zone.

After all, as Keith points out, that’s where the solution is that we are asking for. Think about it, if the solution to our current problem were within our comfort zone, we would have solved it instantly and it wouldn’t be our current problem, right?

Are you with me so far?

So, we have a problem, we ask the universe for what we want. “we ask and it is given”, the universe gives us the opportunity, because the opportunity is outside our comfort zone, we have a knee-jerk reaction to retract and say “no” to it because going outside our comfort zone is risky, uncomfortable…even scary sometimes.

Which brings us home to our third quote from our peak performance mentor and ultimate coach Tony Robbins,

“When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work, you’re usually just 2 millimeters away from making it happen.”

When we are feeling the most uncomfortable, when we keep pushing and pushing and it seems like nothing is going to work, when we just want to give up….

We asked, it was given. It was given in the form of an opportunity. Because “the solution to your current problem is just outside your comfort zone” you say no to the opportunity that was given because it would take you to a place that is outside of your comfort zone. By definition, making you Uncomfortable, even scared. Which makes you feel like nothing is going to work (nothing that you are comfortable doing, that is) and like it is impossible (impossible to solve by staying in your current comfort zone) and so you…give up.

But if you put all three together….You asked, and it is given. It is given in the form of an opportunity which will guide you to exactly the place beyond your current comfort zone where the solution to your current problem lies so that you can expand and grow. When you notice the opportunity in front of you and you have a knee-jerk reaction to feel uncomfortable, make an excuse, give a reason or say “no”, you are now conditioned to get excited and know that you are just 2 millimeters away from your break through, so you say yes and you “buckle up buttercup” and do what it takes and go BREAK THROUGH to a bigger and better you!!!!

So when it gets uncomfortable and you want to say no, give up and walk away…jump up and down, cheer, dance, make your move and say YES…because now you KNOW that you are just 2 millimeters away from your break through!!!!

So I ask you, what is in your life that you are currently saying no to? What has presented itself to you recently that made you feel uncomfortable? When have you been shown an opportunity recently and said “I’m busy that day” or “I’m not sure I can make that” or “I wish I could afford to”? What uncomfortable opportunities are in your life right now that you can say YES to today??? Post below and tell us so we can celebrate with you!!!

20 thoughts on “2 Millimeters

  1. Stacey, thank you for distilling this truth so vividly. It was just what I needed to remember today. The best rewards require growing beyond our comfort zone and staying there for an extended time. That’s when we need to remember that success is only 2 millimeters away–when we are stretching just beyond where we could reach before and are required to hold that position longer than we are emotionally used to it.

    1. I’m so thrilled that you got just what you needed Becky!!
      You really do have a gift and you need to get out there with it in a big way!!! Let us know how we can best support you!!!

  2. Stacey, what an awesome way for me to end my day, I was so tired and thinking I can’t do this much longer. The long hours, the many “no’s that I get”, the looks from people who just don’t understand what I have to offer them. After reading this blog I realize I could be only 2 millimeters away from my dream of service to others, the gift that has been given to me should not be tucked away where no one will benefit from it. Thank you Thank you Thank you Stacey. I have jumped back onto the “get er done and don’t quit” train. You were my gift today !

    1. I’m so thrilled this post served you today Deb!! You are inspirational!! Whenever you get knocked down just remember, “Sucess is getting knocked down 7 times and getting back up 8!”. Sending love to you sweetie!!

  3. Such an amazing and timely article. You know Stacy an opportunity has presented itself to me and I was uncomfortable about it. Mainly because I had mixed feelings about an organization but had a “I’ll show them” type of attitude. They could really help increase book sales among others things that I seek but was about to walk away. This article changed that for me and my cue to press on and take that opportunity. Thank you so much for your insights!!!! Amazing!!!!

    1. Amazing Phil!!! So psyched for you! What a breakthrough!! Keep me posted on how you are serving them!! Whoooo Hooooo!

  4. I love the way you have tied these concepts together so sensibly Stacey. Sometimes I feel that many axioms I read are very one- dimensional, and even a bit blah, blah, blah…but you have managed to bring these particular concepts together in a way that is just pure magic to read! Thx 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh Stacey..your words touched my heart and gave me shivers. I got excitement bumps all over my body and a tingle up my spine. You have helped me take my journey to the next level again my friend! 2 millimeters..just 2 teenie weenie millimeters..I can get there!! Thank you beautiful Lady! Thank you!

    1. You are SO welcome Lisa!!! I’m thrilled to be of service to you!! Thank you so much for your kind words! You have touched my heart too!! Sending love!

  6. Stacey, thank you SO MUCH for sharing this article with me today during our call. Your ability to take tensions and struggles and help your lucky clients like me reframe them into platforms for explosive growth is remarkable. Sending YOU love!!

    1. You are welcome Rebekah!!! YOU are totally 2 millimeters away my darling!!! EXPLOSIVE growth is on the horizon….just keep doing what you are doing!! I’m thrilled to be your coach along this journey!!!! What you are doing for our kids and our schools is LEGEND…wait for it….DARY!!!!!! Love you!

  7. I'm definitely in the time of my life where it's "Eyes Wide Open" – I agree completely, when we're open to miracles, they happen…and when we can only see obstacles – they happen. Beautiful post – thank you!

  8. I got so much from this…awesome really. I start to doubt and get uncomfortable and say 'what am I thinking?'…well, actually, I am usually NOT thinking at that point.

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