Are you part of this passion-less relationship epidemic?!

Passion is the SPARK between masculine and feminine energy! Today Paul and I released our very first video TOGETHER! We came together for this incredibly powerful and critical topic! How to realign with your masculine presence or feminine radiance…your true core energy!

We wanted to DEMONSTRATE the masculine and the feminine for you, and this video truly captures it!

We have a passion-less relationship epidemic going on right now. People are in nice, loving relationships, but the spark is gone, the passion is gone. People don’t walk through their day CRAVING and desiring their partner….thinking about when they will get to “get in their pants!”

A big piece of this passion-less relationship issue is the loss of polarity. Many men have disconnected from their masculine presence and cultivated their more caring and gentle feminine qualities. While more and more women turn away from their open feminine radiance and instead cultivate their masculine mask and masculine tools, the ones they get rewarded for in their work or business. This dimming of feminine radiance and dimming of masculine presence has caused the polarity to dim and the passion to fizzle!

But you can turn that passion back on! Creating polarity is a HUGE piece! Paul and I are SO passionate about this topic because many years ago this was where we really struggled!

As you may know, I was formerly known as “The Ice Princess,” very cold, driven, focused, hardened and tough. I was proud of how I had protected myself from getting hurt and that I provided for myself extremely well without relying on ANYone to provide ANYthing for me that I needed! I was living very much in my masculine and had suppressed my feminine energy so as not to be weak or vulnerable. I was very successful, by the way. I achieved a lot and never depended on anyone else for anything. But I was also very lonely, I felt empty inside, and ironically even though I thought I was doing all this to protect myself, being so isolated, I felt more afraid than ever.

At the same time, Paul had disconnected from his strong masculine presence when he was a kid. Paul’s intensity as an adolescent was NOT welcome. He learned at a young age how to disconnect from his masculine energy to be “less threatening” to the people around him. For Paul, it was like he woke up every day to hold a tiger down underneath his foot so it wouldn’t come out. Disconnected from this masculine energy, he also lost his passion and felt dead inside. He was exhausted from holding that tiger down and never quite felt like he was being his true self.

When Paul and I first became aware of the dynamic of living in your opposite energy, we knew right away that was what was going on with us! And we were determined to figure out how to switch back to our authentic core energy!!! It wasn’t an easy transformation. Each of us struggled in our own way. But when we finally realigned with our true core energies the rejuvenation, energy, passion and sparks were incredible!!!!

Since our own transformation we have done a very deep dive into the study and practice of masculine presence and feminine radiance! We have developed the tools and strategies to help men and women shift into their true core energy and also to bring back the polarity and spark they desire!

In this video, Paul and I both demonstrate and teach you some of the tools and strategies for realigning with your true core masculine or feminine energy!

One of the biggest challenges I see people struggle with is the misperception that masculine presence is threatening/anger/scary or that feminine radiance is weak/submissive/doormat.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

If you have any of these limiting beliefs, they may be holding you back from realigning with the very core energy that will allow you to live passionately and authentically as your best self!

As you will see Paul demonstrate and explain, the MATURE masculine is assertive. He knows what he wants and will not let anything get in his way from getting to his outcome. However, his outcome is not about just serving himself! The mature masculine is ALWAYS in service to his woman! Always! Serving her, for her. Knowing her inside out, so well that he knows what she really needs and will stop at nothing to take her there. That’s the mature masculine. It’s not threatening or angry. It’s in service to the woman.

Feminine radiance is about staying OPEN. Giving your love unconditionally. Not pulling your love away, not shutting down, not withholding. A woman in her feminine gives unconditional compassion and stays open to feel it all….even when she’s scared!

Nothing takes more strength and more courage than staying in your feminine, feeling, caring and staying OPEN, even when you are scared! That’s strength. That’s powerful! A woman who is genuinely and authentically in her feminine can melt any man who is in his masculine. He is drawn to her, to serve her. And she ALLOWS him to serve her and to be successful! That’s powerful.

Here’s the KEY KEY piece that so many people miss! Both authentic feminine and authentic masculine are in service to each other! You can’t be in your feminine and be trying to manipulate a man to get him to serve you (that’s being in your masculine). Your masculine energy cannot bring out her feminine energy if you are egotistical and only looking to meet your needs and get your outcome! You have to be truly and selflessly in service TO HER and you will watch her feminine radiance come out for you! If you are in it for you….it won’t work!

Watch the video (video #3 in the series) as Paul and I demonstrate how to realign with your true masculine or feminine core energy! And enjoy!

Sending love,

p.s. The video is VIDEO #3 of a three part video series we are giving you as our Valentine’s Day gift to you! Enjoy!

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