Are you taking your fun seriously enough?

As you might imagine, people come up to me ALL the time and ask how they can have more PASSION in their relationship.

Translation – they want more sex, better sex, more intimate sex….lots of sex.

Awesome! I’m thrilled to hear it! Sex is fantastic and everyone should be enjoying a ravishing and satisfying sex life with their partner!

“How do we get there?” you ask.

If your relationship is currently lacking passion, or just lacking the KIND of ravishing passion YOU want, there are a few things that need to be in place, before you get to the amazing sex!  I’ll focus on ONE of those things in this article….

If you want to reignite the passion in your relationship….FUN is essential!

Show me any couple that has a ravishing and passionate intimate relationship after being together 10, 20, 40 years and I’ll show you a couple that enjoys playfulness, flirting and FUN in their relationship!

Unfortunately, the fun, romance and flirting is one of the first things to go in committed relationships.  As we get into the phase of life with kids, work and responsibilities, having FUN with our partner is one of the first things to slip away.

Look, I get it, we all have work and kids and all kinds of responsibilities…but having FUN with our partner is ALSO our RESPONSIBILITY!

What do I mean by that?

You cannot have a passionate relationship without fun, flirting and romance!

I’ll take it one step further.  The only difference between your intimate partner and your best friend is INTIMACY.

So, if you do not have a passionate relationship with your partner, eventually you won’t have an intimate relationship…. You may not even have a friendship.

Here’s why – when intimate partners lose the intimacy, eventually resentment, anger and negativity builds up between the two partners to the point that the relationship is fragile because the intimacy was lost.  Too many hurt feelings, upsets and betrayals can even damage the friendship that was once there.

I know it may sound crazy, but if you want to have a ravishing and satisfying intimate relationship…you better start taking your FUN very seriously! 😉

This is why I’m SOOO passionate about helping people to bring FUN, playfulness, romance, flirting back into their relationships!!!! It’s a way to ensure that the relationship has a future where both partners are delightfully happy!!

One of the KEY STRATEGIES that we teach our clients for bringing the fun, playfulness and romance back into your relationship is… Dating Your Partner!

Dating your partner is not just a “nice” thing to do if you have time, like getting a massage or cleaning out your closet.

Dating your partner is a critical, foundational MUST….it’s not optional!

If you want a passionate relationship, you must have consistent adult alone time for fun and play, without the kids!  So, let me ask you, “How seriously are you taking your FUN these days??”  ;

When was the last time you and your partner went out and did something totally FUN!  Do you have a date night with your partner at least two times a month?

You know, in a way, your FUN-O-METER is a parallel to your PASSION-O-METER.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of fun you two have and the amount of passion that you two have!

So, here’s your assignment – schedule a date night with your partner!  At least ONE every month, preferably two.  Go have fun!!! Do something you love to do! Leave your responsibilities and all conversations around work and parenting behind! Treat it like a little vacation…even if it’s just 3 hours out of the house!  Leave “day to day life” behind you when you close the door and just focus on having FUN!!!!

It’s time for YOU to take your FUN a little more seriously sweetie! 😉

Post a comment below and let me know…when are you going on your date and what fun plans do you have???

Sending love,


p.s. Of course, there are tons of ways to bring passion, romance, fun, flirting and playfulness into your relationship! 

13 thoughts on “Are you taking your fun seriously enough?

  1. You are so right – it is time for serious fun. I called for a tee time, fun, golf on Saturday!

  2. Having fun… Other than respect is probably hands down the most important part of m relationship. I love the analogy to to your “best friend”… Intimacy is key. Great food for thought Stacey. Thank you.

  3. Fun is essential to a healthy life, whether seeking passion or not. It may be that, like me, you're taking life way too seriously.

  4. We went out for dinner at our local pub the other night and almost walked out because it was Karaoke night. Not too many people there. Mind you, I don't think I've ever 'done' Karaoke before ~ but, my man needed a good laugh and so yup since there were only a few to see the humor they were ALL about to receive, I got up! He hasn't laughed that hard in a long long time! So essential, Stacey!

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