Don’t you ever have a bad day Stacey??? ;)

It’s always funny to me when people say to me “You’re so happy Stacey, don’t you ever have a bad day?”

That’s an interesting question.

Here’s the thing.  I’m human, just like everyone else…and crap happens, that’s a part of life.  In fact, when you “go for it” and really get out there as much as Paul and I do, more crap can happen…trust me.

But, do I have a bad DAY?  That’s interesting….

See, the difference between Stacey-Today and Stacey-18 years ago is that crap still happens, but I don’t stay stuck there.  I have the tools and strategies to change my focus, get resourceful, find the gift in the mess, adjust and move forward.

I can honestly say that because of the personal development work that Paul and I have done to develop our emotional fitness and peak psychology, we respond differently than we used to when crap happens.

So, we may have a bad moment, even a bad hour or two…but a whole day? That’s rare.

It’s funny, when people say to me “Don’t you ever have a bad day”…usually referring to how stinkin’ happy I am :)… in my mind I hear myself say “A whole DAY?…nah, I don’t think so…maybe a few hours or minutes though, sure”

That’s the difference that personal development work can bring into your life.  It’s not about rah-rah and feeling good and positive thinking.
It’s about peak psychology and emotional fitness, so when the shit really hits, it may knock you over for a minute, or an hour…but it can’t keep you down the whole day baby!

How about you?  What are you doing for your peak psychology and emotional fitness?

What kind of personal development opportunity excites you??  Is there a book, a multimedia program, an event that you have been interested in doing??
As my coach and mentor Tony Robbins likes to ask “When would NOW be a good time?” 😉

Here’s a great strategy for you to try: If there is an area of your life that you would like to take to the next level, seek out someone who is already very successful in that area, and enjoying the kind of experience that you would like to have.  Ask them – are there any books, products or events that you recommend?  You will be amazed at what can change your life!

Sending love,


p.s. I’ll start….18 years ago, sitting on my couch in the middle of the night flipping through the channels I found Tony Robbins on QVC…. Here’s a video of me and Tony LIVE on QVC last year where I share that story…and the transformation began!  Click Here to Watch

The program that we are sharing is the Ultimate Edge program.  It is my personal number one recommendation for anyone seeking personal development.  In my personal opinion, there is nothing better!  I don’t get paid by Tony in any way to say that or share this! Tony has plenty of customers (50 million actually)…I’m sharing this for YOU, not him!!! 😉  Go get yours here:

17 thoughts on “Don’t you ever have a bad day Stacey??? ;)

  1. You are a fabulous role model for the power of personal development, Ms. Stacey! I watched your QVC appearance and wanted to hug you right through the interwebs – you’re such a ball of sunshine. I totally agree with you about Tony, too. I read Unlimited Power in 2009 and it changed. my. life: I shifted from being resentful and blaming others to taking personal responsibility and achieving goals. And guess how much happier I am now?

    1. Thank you Lori!!!! You are so sweet! Hehe…I’d love a hug right through the interwebs!!! Unlimited Power is awesome Lori – and if that served you, you would LOVE Ultimate Edge!!! I KNOW you are happy now!!! keep bringing it! Love you!

  2. I love "When would now be a good time?" I'd not heard that before. And people ask me the same type of question. "Are you always so up and happy?" Mmmm, mostly. But certainly not always!

  3. I love this Stacey!

    Knowing you as well as I do, I can totally see how you are able to transform your ‘low’ points, and see the ‘gift in the mess’!

    I admit that I’m still in the process of stopping a bad hour turn into a bad day, but like you, I’ve spent a lot of time (and also financial resources) in my own self development. Like you, I’m a totally different person to who I was before!

    My go-to resource right now is anything my Marianne Williamson. I’ve listened and re-listened to the audio version of ‘Law of Divine Compensation’, and have a daily meditation ritual, where I listen to her ‘Meditations for a Miraculous Life’. Plus, since we now get shows from the OWN network in the UK (yay!) I love my weekly fix of ‘Super Soul Sunday’!

    1. Wonderful Sarada!!! Thank you for sharing here!!! I am loving Marianne Williamson right now too! PLEASE read Return to Love! It is wonderful!!! Love you sweetie!

  4. Stacey, this is a great post on what makes for good vs. bad days. As Sarada says, it has been a long haul for me to change the-me-that-was into the-me-that-is into the-me-to-be. And learning to let go of the outcome has been an important part of that.

  5. Stacy you are so right. When you have the tools and strategies to get through the worst days of your life. It is awesome! Thanks for this post. By the way I think choosing not to stay stuck in the muck that is happening around us is much more healthier!

  6. I so resonate with this and your story! It’s about choice but you don’t know what you don’t know. ” I have the tools and strategies to change my focus, get resourceful, find the gift in the mess, adjust and move forward.” It’s about making the choice and equipping yourself with resources. And when all else fails ~ the last tool in my back is to go out doors yell at the Universe. Ask very clearly for what I need. Ground my feet in mother earth. And, return to task. No doubt, the task’s solution comes easily. I accept with gratitude and embrace the gifts that are right in front of us! You are a living example of all that is possible! HUGS!

  7. Love it – transformation is easy if you are willing to begin. Stacey thanks for sharing this so others can see how easy it is not to stay suck in a 'a bad moment, even a bad hour or two' – most days are just too amazing to waste having a 'bad day' – love the video too.

  8. Such an important factor… Personal development. It truly is what sets people apart in how they react to circumstances and move through the world day by day. Even when I thought I was "all good" on the inner persona world, I had a rough awakening. I hid and cried for some time… Then got up and decided "NoW" is "now"! Thank you for your commitment to serving others Stacey!

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