you don’t think you are doing this…but you are….

Sometimes life hands you an opportunity.

This opportunity….this ‘thing’….is not “easy peasy”. Nope. It’s not supposed to be.

If it were “easy peasy” then it would be WITHIN your current comfort zone.

But it’s NOT!

And that is BY DESIGN…..FOR YOU!

Let me explain….

One of my mentors and dear friends, Keith Cunningham once taught me

“The solution to every problem you currently have is sitting OUTSIDE your current comfort zone, or by definition, it wouldn’t be a problem for you right now.”

Do you know what Keith means?

If the solution to your current problem were inside your comfort zone….it wouldn’t be a “problem” because you would just solve it.

By DESIGN, the solution you seek is outside your current comfort zone.

So that you will “stretch” yourself to go get the solution, leave your current comfort zone for your next one and GROW!

Problems are the way we GROW.

Well….If we go outside our comfort zone for the solution….then we get to grow.

But that’s not what most of us do….is it?

Most of us see an opportunity….we get a “sense” that “this might be the answer”, but it feels scary, unknown, risky, unsure, inconvenient, pricey, and requires us to get “uncomfortable” and so we say ….

“nah, I don’t think that’s for me” or

“not right now, this doesn’t feel like the right time” or

“I don’t have the ________ (time/cash/resources)” or

“I just can’t at that time”


Because it’s not easy-peasy.

It’s not convenient, it’s not within our “money comfort zone”, it requires time (which no one has extra of), it requires effort (which feels uncomfortable) and…..the kicker….it feels like there’s NO guarantee!!! So it’s uncertain!

So we say “No” and we justify it with all kinds of excuses/reasons.

…That’s called “getting in your own way”.

The opportunity has been given to you and you get in your own way of having what you have “asked” for.

You want more money….the opportunity comes your way, and you say “nah”.

You want a better life….the opportunity comes your way and you say “nah”.

You want better relationships….the opportunity comes your way and you say “nah”.

You don’t THINK you are doing this….but you are.

Another dear friend and mentor of mine Fabienne Fredrickson once explained this using this story,

“If you want more money in your life, and someone said to you, ‘Ok, I have a briefcase with $100,000 cash in it and it’s yours. It’s sitting in an office for you in London. All you have to do is get yourself here and you can have it.’ What would you say?”

You’d find a way to London right? You’d find a way to get the money for the flight, you’d figure out how to get someone to watch the kids, you’d get coverage for yourself at work, you would hustle, do whatever it takes and get there! Wouldn’t you?

Your Life is that briefcase in London my friend!

Except to play the game of life to win, you don’t get the certainty of KNOWING that the briefcase is waiting for you.

Life sends you opportunities, and on the other side of that opportunity IS the reward….but you have to say YES, even though you can’t be 100% sure that the reward is there.

You have to put some skin in the game, get gutsy and tell the universe….”Ok, I BELIEVE in this! And I’m doing this! I’m going to get my reward!” And when you say YES and take massive action….”mighty forces will align to bring you MORE than you asked for”.

This is one of those times.

It’s time.

You want more intimacy with your partner! You want a rock solid relationship that you can rely on! You want to be a role model for your kids! You want to be loved for who you REALLY are! You want better relationships in all areas of your life! You want to be filled with passion and desire throughout your day! You want to LOVE yourself and be proud of who you are!

You have ASKED….and the opportunity to GROW into what you want has been GIVEN to you….but you have not yet said YES!

The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is everything you have asked for and more!

It’s MORE than you have asked for.

At the end of Day Three…I can practically guarantee that you will come up to me and tell me something like… “OMG Stacey, I got MORE than I imagined I could from this 3 days!”  (hundreds of other people have….so I’m fairly confident)

And yeah, you have to travel in for three days. Yep, you have to arrange care for your kids, you gotta get the time away from your work. You need to invest in the hotel stay and the travel. I know it. It’s not easy or convenient….but it’s SO worth it!

Not because the EVENT is worth it….but because YOU are worth it!

YOU bring YOU with YOU to everything in your life! And the transformation YOU experience in these 3 days will touch every aspect of your life…for the better!

YOU deserve this!

Now Paul and I have done everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you.

We are hosting the event at a great hotel that we have worked with for years and we know they will take great care of you! Our team has created documents to guide you on how to arrange your travel! We have a private FB community of Lovies traveling into the retreat so you can connect with other amazing people and travel in together, room together or meet up at the hotel when you arrive! We have attracted amazing Lovies from all over the world to travel into this event and surround you with the love and support you want! We have arranged for the hotel to give you a discounted room rate as part of our group! And we have invested for our team to work with us to create the most powerful 3-day live immersion transformation event possible for you!

Now it’s your turn.

Are you ready to JUMP IN?

Your life is waiting!

Click here to check out the details and register for Relationship Breakthrough Retreat:

If you don’t, on August 4th you will be sitting where you are right now and kicking yourself because you didn’t think you were WORTH it.

You are so worth it.

And now is the time!

I’ll see you in the room…..right Lovie?

Sending love,

p.s. do you have any questions for us or want to talk to us to see if this event is the right fit for you? Click here to schedule a conversation with our Student Enrollment Advisor Carol Kus!

Carol was at the very first Relationship Breakthrough Retreat live event as an attendee! She has transformed her marriage from “hanging by a thread” to the “unshakable love” that she enjoys today! Talk to Carol. Ask your questions. And let’s see if we can help!