200 Billion….That’s Billion…with a B! OMG!

It’s MY BIRTHDAY this week!!!! Yeah Baby! 45!!!!!! I love it!!!!!

Birthdays are my freaking-favorite!!!!! EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Such a celebration!

Ok, so I have to say that Paul has been outta control for my birthday month this year! Oh yeah, I celebrate all month! (you should too….WTF, comeon!)

I’ve been SHOWERED with gifts and experiences beyond belief! Earlier in the month he totally shocked the ^%#* out of me when he pulled me out of our office and told me to PACK a bag to go away for the night with him!!!

And when he didn’t want me to feel “deprived” on my birthday because I’m staying away from sugar, he had my favorite sugar-free chocolate delivered to me (it’s Chocoperfection by the way)!

DAMN! He is so good! I love this man!!!

Well, it wasn’t always this way. I can remember YEARS of birthday disappointments. Years where I would schedule my own birthday get-togethers and still be disappointed that it wasn’t everything I wanted it to be.

You might be thinking……”lucky you, you got Paul”. And to that I say…..”HA!”…..which means “Are you kidding me?!?!” (in case you can’t hear my sarcasm through this email)

Everything Paul has done for me this month is all stuff that Paul NEVER EVER EVER would have done for me even just 10 years ago! Back then, Paul’s idea of a birthday celebration was picking up a card at CVS on his way home from work.

We LEARNED how to do this for each other! We created a relationship where this is possible! We are COMMITTED to taking it to the next level with each other every single year!

We didn’t just FIND this….we created it!

When things SUCKED in our relationship, we didn’t just sit around waiting for things to get better….we took action!

When things were OK, but not phenomenal in our relationship….we didn’t lie to ourselves and tell ourselves things will get better when XYZ happens….we did something about it to create a better relationship!

And today….when things are AMAZING in our relationship….we don’t just rest on our laurels and COAST….we take it to the next level all the time!

Today you are living in EXACTLY the relationship that you created.

I know, that’s harsh! And it’s also 100% truth.

You created the relationship you are living in today, through your thoughts, decisions and actions of yesterday!

And tomorrow, you will be living in the relationship that you are creating through your thoughts, decisions and actions today!

That’s how relationship really works!

And that’s also great news!

It means…..you didn’t necessarily pick wrong! You don’t have to wait around for things to “get better”! You don’t have to wait for your partner to change! And you don’t have to settle for how things are!


You are just lacking the tools and strategies that really work…and the education to empower you to clearly see the currently invisible forces that are creating the relationships that you have today.

I know you don’t mean to create the Kerfuffle and challenges in the relationships that you are in today….but you are doing it, unintentionally!

No one ever gave you a Relationship Education.

No one ever taught you how to create a rock solid relationship with your partner where NOTHING and NOONE can ever come between you!

No one ever taught you how to have a ravishing-hot-sexually-explosive passion and desire with your partner 10, 20, 40 years into your relationship!

No one ever taught you!

And my guess is….no one modeled it for you either!

Well Paul and I are here to change all that!

We are on a mission!

Look – if you are not living in your unshakable love and unleashed passion then you are not living your best life! Period!

The most important relationship of your life is your love relationship!

(and if you are reading this thinking….no, it’s my kids….then you better get your ass to our Relationship Breakthrough Retreat event! Because loving your kids is SUPER important…..but your kids are not the most significant relationship in your life my darling…you will always be their PARENT, but you will NOT parent them forever! They will, and should, move on to become independent and autonomous individuals in the world. They will LEAVE your every-day world. They better!

The most significant relationship of your lifetime is your forever love relationship! It’s scary, I know – but that’s the truth!

And LOVE is the juice of LIFE! It’s what you are here on this planet to do! This is not a dress-rehearsal Lovie! This is your LIFE! And your LOVE relationship is the most significant relationship of your lifetime!)

And how much time, energy and resources have you dedicated to mastering your love relationship?

In the US alone, over $200 BILLION dollars EACH year is spent on DIVORCE! That’s Billion….with a “B”! (every year!)

And how much are we investing in giving ourselves the Relationship Education that is needed to learn how to navigate a REAL relationship, in real life, with kids and work and house and families-of-origin???

You tell me! What has it been for YOU?

Paul and I have personally invested multiple six figures and over 16 years to master our relationships! And our every-day life certainly reflects that!

How about you darling?

As my friend, mentor and coach, Tony Robbins says “When would NOW be a good time?”

Well, I’m here to help! This is what I do…all day-every day!

So I have a GIFT and an OPPORTUNITY for you!



I want to give you our BRAND NEW eBOOK as my Birthday Gift to YOU!

270x125Not only is this eBook absolutely gorgeous….the content inside is priceless!

In this short, concise and easy-to-digest eBook Paul and I will empower you with all 8 steps of our proven 8 Step Relationship Transformation System®, used by thousands of people all over the world to transform their relationships!

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Come to Relationship Breakthrough Retreat Live Event Experience August 1-3, 2016 in Princeton New Jersey!

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This is NOT A COUPLE’S EVENT! Your partner does not need to attend RBR16 for you to get all the results you want in your relationship! The majority of LOVIES attending RBR16 with you will be there without their significant other!!  (of course, if your partner WANTS to come, they are welcome to come too).

  • Are you ready to TAKE ACTION?
  • Are you ready to create your unshakable love and unleashed passion?
  • Are you ready to STOP SUFFERING unnecessarily???

Then join us for 3 days!!! 3 days to change your life! This is an incredible opportunity!

Tomorrow, you will be living in the exact relationship that you create with your thoughts, decisions and actions of today.


Think Differently…

Yep, there are a million reasons why it’s not convenient or easy to come to this 3 day live event. And THAT is exactly the kind of thinking that has created the relationships that you are in right now.

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Think Differently!

Make a New Decision…

Yep, you could choose to read this email, feel the PULL that this is the right thing for you, and then DECIDE to do nothing.

But what about August 4th? If you make that same old decision, what will your relationship be like on August 4th?

If you make a NEW decision, and come to Relationship Breakthrough Retreat….YOU and YOUR relationship will be transformed on August 4th! I guarantee it!!!

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Make a New Decision!

Take Proven Action…

Yep, you could keep doing what you’ve been doing and keep getting what you’ve been getting.

But don’t you WANT MORE!?!?!

Thousands of people have transformed their relationships and their lives by doing this work with us! If you want the kinds of results that we are enjoying, then take the PROVEN action that we took to get the same results for YOURSELF!

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Take Proven Action!

Only you know what is best for you! Instead of listening to your fears and anger….what does your gut say??

If you feel pulled, that maybe Relationship Breakthrough Retreat might be right for you, send us an email so we can hear more about your situation and see if we can help! [email protected]

Sending love


P.S. Either way…..the best birthday present you can give me this year is to LIVE in your unshakable love and unleashed passion!

Because that means you are bringing the BEST version of yourself to everything you do! And therefore you are changing the world in only the way that YOU can!

Paul and I, and our kids….we need YOU to live your best life and bring THAT version of YOU to our world! Because then you are making the world a better place for all of us!

Every day I am blessed to meet beautiful people in this world, and when I experience them, I can FEEL that I want this for them more than they want this for themselves.

I have learned NOT to experience heart-break when that moment happens….because it happens so often, I would never stop crying.

Instead, I have learned to trust in faith that they are on the spectrum of development, guided by their own destiny.

They are walking through life asleep. They are not ready yet. And I am at peace with that. And when they AWAKEN, I will be here for them!

Every day I pray that those who are ASLEEP will AWAKEN and create their life by design instead of living the sentence of a “life by default”.

Lovie, are you AWAKE? If you are, then I know you already downloaded our free eBook and you are registering for the live event today! Because that’s what it looks like when you are AWAKE – you take ACTION! (yeah baby!)

And if you are not yet AWAKENED…..I’m sending you BIG LOVE as you navigate the struggles of life my friend.

And please just tuck this message away somewhere in your heart….”When you AWAKEN….I will be RIGHT HERE for you! In that dark moment of questioning everything, think of my name and this promise I make to you…. I am RIGHT HERE! I will stand by your side…and you will find me READY!”