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The Greatest Showman Part 2

Stacey Martino

Continuing with our “Stacey’s Cut” version of The Greatest Showman blog series, I have some cool insider perspective moments to share with you today!

In this week’s article, it’s time to talk about a dynamic you have definitely experienced in your life (if you are a growth person) – hitting the Panic Point when you are on your way to breaking through to your next level!

Oprah once shared that “God first speaks to you in a whisper, a nudge, a hunch; when you don’t get that whisper, you get a pebble upside the head, then a brick, then finally, a brick wall – which is a full-blown crisis.”


We see this in life.. .and it’s beautifully demonstrated in the movie.

Check this out….

You already know (since you watched it) that when PT sets out on the tour with Jenny, this leads to the downfall of the circus, his family, his wealth and everything he thought mattered. Right?

Ok, now watch….. (this is so cool!)

  1. Phinn and Phillip are on the stairs in the circus and Phillip is telling him that sales are down, the show is slipping and they need his presence. Phineas doesn’t listen. (whisper)
  2. Phinn is at the circus packing for his tour and Phillip asks him “Why do you have to leave on tour, just do more shows in NY”.. but Phineas doesn’t listen. (Pebble)
  3. In their bedroom, Charity lists out everything Phineas achieved and asks “When will it be enough”. She tells him the girls already have everything they need and what they need is HIM to stay with them. Phineas doesn’t listen. (brick)
  4. Phineas pulls away in the carriage and we see his daughters running after him (in pain that he’s leaving) … feels more like a brick upside the head now.
  5. While on tour, everything blows up and Jenny quits. Phineas runs home to his wife and family. (hit the brick wall)
  6. And then, the circus BURNS down to the ground (the brick wall falls on him)

Pretty AMAZING isn’t it?!

Now, let’s anchor in the learning for YOU!

Answer this question – If Phineas KNEW for sure that all 6 off those steps were ahead of him when step one (Phillip asking him to be more present for the circus) occurred, do you think that Phineas would have STOPPED and listened to the whisper?

Yes, right?!

Of course! If you mapped out the 7 iterations with certainty, he would never knowingly CHOOSE to go through them. Especially #5 and #6, right?

And yet, this is exactly how life works.

And yes, the pattern is 100% predictable.

You may not know HOW it’s going to go down – but one thing I know for sure… if you ignore the whisper, your pebble is coming… and if you ignore that pebble….the brick is not far behind and so on.

The KEY for you – learn to recognize the WHISPER and heed that whisper!


It’s a SKILL SET and it can be learned!

I Iearned it. My students learned it. You can too.

Here is a great place to start to cultivate that skill….

  1. Look back and learn.
  2. Take out a journal and walk through at least 3 crappy things you have gone through.
  3. Figure out, with hind sight, the brick, pebble, whisper etc.

As you start to cultivate this skill, you will be able to move QUICKER through your outcomes and goals without so much “brick”.

Post in the comments below and let me know what aha you got from this!

Sending love,

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