I’d rather have the s%$t hit the fan once in a while then live a low grade s%$t every day


I’d rather go for it and really live life and deal with the shit hitting the fan once in a while than live a low-grade shit every day!

This is a motto that Paul and I live by every day! We go for it, we play full out, we really live life, we stretch ourselves, we go beyond our comfort zones!

It’s a fun, exciting, wonderful, fulfilling, meaningful and zestful way of life! Every day we get the JUICE of life.

And YES, once in a while, you go for it or try something outside your comfort zone and the shit hits the fan and it hurts. That’s why they call it a comfort zone, because when you LEAVE you experience DIS-comfort. But that’s just the momentary “dis-comfort” of leaving your current comfort zone and going into your next comfort zone!

A long time ago Paul and I decided that life was meant to be LIVED. Not small, not clean, but really lived…lived BIG and sometimes messy!

And it’s WORTH the risk of once in a while having the shit hit the fan and dealing with it, than to live your life in a low-grade shit every day, trying NOT to make waves, trying NOT to shake the boat, trying NOT to ruffle any feathers!

There’s positive “discomfort” and there’s the other stuff. When you are GROWING and expanding yourself. When you are leaving your current comfort zone heading into your next comfort zone by moving forward, expanding, growing and becoming more of your best and most authentic self….that discomfort, that mess, that risk, that pain is POSITIVE discomfort! You might call it growing pains. That’s the kind of uncertainty you want to welcome into your life because it increases your quality of life.

You must grow. Everything is either growing or it’s dying, you can’t stay stagnant on this planet.

So you want to seek uncertainty, risk, discomfort and mess through GROWTH, though becoming your best and most authentic self and through doing what is right!

When you live from this space, sometimes it’s going to get messy. At times, you are going to feel discomfort. This is a part of the growth, this is part of really living life!

Look at anyone you know who has an extraordinary quality of life and they will tell you where they took risks, where they experienced discomfort on the journey, where they went for it and…when there were those times when the shit hit the fan.

And they will also tell you that it’s totally worth it to clean up that shit once in a while and really live a fulfilling and meaningful life, playing full out, than to try to keep the status quo, try not to ruffle any feathers and live a low-grade shit life every day!

So, be a feather ruffler when you need to be!

Yep, once in a while the shit might hit the fan! When you are acting with integrity, love, and honor and you surround yourself with a community of like-minded people, you won’t be alone! We will catch you and support you when you fall. And if the shit hits the fan, just call in your clean-up crew! We’ll come running with our boots and our gear!

See, when you live life playing full out, when you walk through your day as your best and most authentic self, you connect with that same essence in the people around you who are playing full out in their lives too!

So, there are times when you are living within your comfort zone and everything is “comfortable” and it feels good and that’s great. And then there are times when you can feel yourself pushing up against the limits of your current comfort zone and going through the dis-comfort of leaving your current comfort zone for your next one. And during those times, do NOT retreat back into your comfort zone! Do not do what most people do, try to escape or numb their unhappiness and stay where they are.

GO FOR IT! Live Baby! Live Big! Play full out!

Yes, the shit may hit the fan once in a while, but it’s better than living in a low-grade shit every day!

Sending love, from your fellow feather ruffler,