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“If I am true to myself, people will LOVE the truth in me.”

Stacey Martino

MindsetPannel13(the video link is at the end of the post…so you can see the moment that has Rebekah and Lucy cracking up)

“If I am true to myself, people will LOVE the truth in me.”

I wrote that at a Date With Destiny event with Tony Robbins back in 2008…a life changing experience.

It was at that event that I made the decision to STOP being anything that I wasn’t and to STOP judging others for whatever they were or were not being too.

It was actually quite a painful discovery for me.  That moment of decision was beautiful, but as you might imagine, the path to that moment was really brutal.  On that path I came face to face with something that I had been completely unconscious about for my entire life.

I was always worried about what other people thought of me, and just “assumed” that everyone else thought that way too.  It was a tough moment when I discovered that was not the case.  It was really tough when I realized that my way of “worry” was actually a choice.

But nothing prepared me for the moment when I had one of the greatest and life changing awakenings of my life.

My constant thoughts of what people thought of me were actually always present because I was also ALWAYS judging others in comparison to myself.   By definition right?  In order to conjecture someone’s judgment of me I would have to judge them or at least make an evaluation of them in comparison to myself to know where I stand.

So obvious…and yet completely off my radar.

Within moments of realizing that I was the biggest JUDGER in the universe, I realized that it was judging OTHERS that left me feeling like crap all the time….and not my worrying about what they thought of me.  On top of that, it was EXHAUSTING to always be judging others.

Then my freedom came….“If I am true to myself, people will LOVE the truth in me!”  It just came through me in my notebook…like a “download” from above.

That was it for me.  Forever changed.

So what does this have to do with my feature on stage at the Monetize Your Message event earlier this month (video link)?  Actually, a hell of a lot.

I promise you this – just five years ago, there is no way that I would have been the “Stacey” you see in this video.  No freakin’ way.  Just five years ago, you would have seen “Boardroom Stacey” – very professional, very serious, very calculated, very closed, and behind it all….very scared about what everyone must be thinking about ME on stage.

Certainly I’m very blessed to have been at that Date with Destiny event and have that breakthrough.  You don’t need to be at that event to benefit from my lesson!

For me, it’s so incredibly worth it, there aren’t even words that I can use to fully express how much I love my life today.  But how about YOU decide for yourself?

Watch the video and YOU tell me …who you SEE on stage?  “Boardroom Stacey” or the real Stacey that you know today? In fact, I invite my friends who know me “off stage” and “off line” to comment here too…how close to the every day Stacey am I when I’m on stage?

Being true to myself, even and especially when on stage and in front of hundreds of people is how I live my life today.  I gave myself permission to be ME, all of me….the many parts of me…all the time.  And I think you can tell from the video whether or not I am HAPPIER this way 😉

You know what?  It works for you too sweetie!

When YOU are true to yourself, people will LOVE the truth in YOU.

I give you permission.  Whatever your most authentic self is, just BE YOU!

Here’s that video:

Sending love,


PS  “Boardroom Stacey” is still alive and well within me.  She just doesn’t run my show anymore.  But she’s in here, managing my books and calculating cash flow for me 😉  She’s an incredibly valuable part of me that I would never deny…she’s just not wired for “happiness” “joy” and “growth”….so she can’t run my show anymore.  Hope this serves you…and your Boardroom Susie or Boardroom Stu!