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Love Lessons from Dr Bob!

Stacey Martino

If you have kids, then you’ve probably seen the show Good Luck Charlie on Disney.

Personally, we love this show in our house.

The other day Paul calls me into the living room and says “Babe, you gotta see this”, and he shows me this clip

I still can’t stop laughing at Bob’s over-drama about Teddy’s hair! The look on Spencer’s face as he watches Bob is Priceless!!

Question for you…WHY do SO many people laugh at this?  Why does this topic resonate with SO many people that it works as a skit on one of the most popular Disney sitcoms today??  Because it is a common male/female experience.  That’s what makes this so relatable

After serving people day in and day out, one thing I know for sure is that

“Most of the pain in relationship today comes from not understanding, accepting and appreciating the differences between men and women.”

In the video, Bob illuminates one of these differences in his own special way (Thank you Dr Bob)

However, as usual, the way that he and his partner handle this is NOT a way that creates a magnificent love affair or brings MORE love and passion into a relationship (but it does make for a super funny show).

So, let’s give you the real deal and the real solution that really works ok! This way, you are not at the mercy of looking to Dr Bob for relationship advice and ending up with a relationship based on deceit, lies and punishment.

There are SO many differences between men and women.  One of the fundamental differences is the BIG/SMALL perspective.

What does that mean?

Men have a driving force to get to the outcome.  They are driven to get to the peace, calm, done-ness, nothing-ness.  Because of this, they are wired to take big things and try to make them as small as possible…to get to the calm or nothingness.  It’s just the way their brains are wired.  And it’s totally awesome!  I always know I can count on Paul to get stuff done for me…he’s wired to do it!

Women, on the other hand, delight in the journey! A woman is wired to magnify her human experience, to drink the juice of life and to enjoy the process.  While women also enjoy getting things done, of course, their MOTIVE for getting things done isn’t to get to NOTHINGNESS….it’s to get to SOMETHINGNESS! We want more!! More of everything.  We get things DONE so we can get to the next thing and enjoy more!

Women delight in the experience of life, and therefore, we are happy to take the littlest things and make them as BIG as possible!  Women can take BIG pleasure in the smallest things….it’s one of our gifts!!! And our ability to take pleasure in it all, amplifying the human experience and drinking from fountain of life is a big part of what attracts men to us! We are the color in their black and white world!

When we teach this at our Live Events and in our programs, we explain that the first step is to just understand that this difference exists…and it’s supposed to! It’s not YOUR man or YOUR woman…it’s ALL men and ALL women!  Once you understand this dynamic, you can begin to APPRECIATE the differences and how they perfectly compliment you!

When you can begin to appreciate and cherish the very things that used to drive you crazy…you are on your way to enjoying a magnificent love affair with your partner!!!!

So, thank you Dr Bob for illuminating this awesome difference between men and women.  Maybe I can help Bob appreciate the celebration of “the nothing” that Amy brings to his world that makes it more FUN, exciting and worth getting up for!!! Then he can smile and delight in her emotional highs with integrity, sincerity and love in his heart!

Thanks for the love lesson Dr Bob! It’s a pleasure working with you!!
Sending love,