Three Simple Steps to Get Out of a “Winter” in Your Relationship

WinterTony Robbins once said

When times are bad, it feels like they will be bad forever.

When times are good, it feels like it will be good forever.

Neither one is true.   Life comes in seasons.

Right now may be a “winter” in your relationship, or in your life.  As much as it might feel like it will be “winter” forever, with no end in sight (Winter always feels like that)…It will not stay winter forever.  No matter how desperate it may seem, there is a season that always follows winter…Spring.

The first step to get out of Winter: Awareness

Recognize that it’s just a season, and it will pass.

Winter is an interesting time.  Some people freeze to death in winter.  While others build forts, go sledding, ski, snowboard, play and have fun.  I’ve noticed that the ones who freeze to death in Winter isolate themselves from others.

The second step to get out of Winter: Connect

Isolation is the worst thing you can do in Winter, but it is a knee-jerk reaction for many who erroneously think they are the only ones in Winter.  As uncomfortable as it may feel in the moment, when you are in Winter, reach out to someone and tell them that you are in Winter.  Tell them that things are tough for you right now.

Get out of isolation and connect with others in an authentic and genuine way.

The third step to get out of Winter: Prepare

The BEST thing to do during a hard winter is to prepare, re-tool and get ready for the change that is coming your way when Spring arrives.  That’s the PURPOSE of Winter….to PREPARE!  Figure out a way that you can prepare and re-tool right now. Get skills you didn’t have before, learn a new way you didn’t know before…grow and expand.

The BONUS step to get out of Winter…Stay in Faith!

Winter doesn’t last forever.  Just like on the calendar, Spring eventually comes, no matter what we do.  Have faith.  Faith is believing in something even though you can’t see it.  You may not be able to see Spring coming, but it is.  Stay in Faith…Spring is around the corner.

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5 thoughts on “Three Simple Steps to Get Out of a “Winter” in Your Relationship

  1. Life always force yu to work….in spring or winter…We beter get use to it. Thank you Stacey for the way yur are explaing this. I love this analogies, is like much easier too digest and compare to experience.

    1. You are SO welcome Lisa!!! I remember how relieved I felt the first time Tony taught me about the Seasons of Life! I’m thrilled to pay it forward to you!

  2. Having gone through a few winters in 21 years of marriage, this simple process is so easy to relate to – and so very profoundly true! Thank you Stacey!

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