Holy Crap on a Cracker…The Media is having a FRENZY over the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat!!!

The Press is going CRAZY with our Relationship Breakthrough Retreat!!! It’s breaking news everywhere! Hundreds of media outlets picked up this story in a media frenzy this week!!! We were featured in Yahoo!, Reuters, Bloomberg, MarketWatch (Dow Jones), Marriage PR News, Philadelphia Business Journal, Washington Business Journal and hundreds of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and CW stations all over the country!!!

Paul and I are completely honored to be featured and absolutely THRILLED to serve hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of viewers and readers with the message that you CAN create your magnificent love affair!!!!!

Here’s the featured article that got picked up in the media frenzy!!!

media frenzyRelationship Experts Stacey and Paul Martino Announce Powerful Live Relationship Breakthrough Retreat

Catapult your intimate relationships to the next level in just three days at the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat headed by Love and Passion Experts Stacey and Paul Martino. This life-changing, high-energy, transformational experience is not to be missed.

Yardley, Pennsylvania (June, 2014) Stacey and Paul Martino, the experts in relationship transformations, announce their upcoming Relationship Breakthrough Retreat http://relationshipbreakthroughretreat.com/ July 21-23, 2014 in Princeton, New Jersey. This life-changing, passion-fueled retreat is not a couples retreat, but more an immersion experience strategically designed for ONE partner to catapult the passion, alignment, and intimacy of their relationship to the next level in just three days. Join live or catch the event virtually via live stream.

As the Martinos state, “We are thrilled and blessed to offer this live retreat. We truly believe your intimate relationship impacts everything in your life, your happiness, confidence, self-worth, kids, business, energy, health and so much more. We’ve seen it time and again over the past few years inour signature coaching programs and Eight Step Relationship Transformation System™. We can’t wait to give people this transformational experience. We know that their relationship will never be the same again.”

Helping singles, married couples, those in a committed relationship, and others build the intimate relationship they really want is what the Martinos do best. Not only have they been featured regularly in Aspire Magazine, Your Tango, and Blog Talk Radio, but Stacey is trained and certified by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes—two of the world’s leading experts in relationships and personal development. Both Robbins and Madanes have certified Martino as a Marriage Educator, Divorce Preventionist, Strategic Interventionist, and Coach. Martino was also recently featured as a love and passion expert on Robbins’ site. Having invested 14 years and six figures learning relationship strategies, the Martinos are committed to making a difference.

Those who attend this fun, high-energy, transformational, live experience can expect:

  • Help to rescue relationships and tools to come back from the edge, even for those heading for divorce.
  • Clarity, direction, and solutions for those not sure of being in the right relationship.
  • Step-by-step advice on re-igniting passion, restoring energy to create sparks of passion, playfulness, and daily intimacy.
  • Live transformational experiences where processes are being learned and those in attendance experience the shift, breakthroughs, and transformational moments.
  • Tools and strategies that really work to take relationships from good to great or great to magnificent!
  • Personal guidance to achieve cognitive, emotional, and physical mastery of the shift wanted in intimate relationships.
  • The opportunity to be with an amazing community that will support, collaborate, and provide all the love necessary to build strong intimate relationships.
  • Tools and strategies to create an indivisible alignment between partners where nothing can come between them and the power to love each other unconditionally.
  • And perhaps the most exciting to see is how the Martinos have transformed their own lives and continue to do so today. Witnessing them together provides a real-life example of what a magnificent love affair is in real life.

The Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is strategically designed as an immersion event experience where participants are not just “learning and knowing,” but actually shifting and creating the relationship wanted while stepping fully into their best and most authentic self. In addition to the interventions, tons of content and experiences, the Martinos also offer their proven Eight Step Relationship Transformation System™ to create unshakable love and unleashed passion.

To register for this life-changing, relationship-building 3-day event and to view video providing additional information, visit http://relationshipbreakthroughretreat.com/. Partners do NOT need to attend for this to work. Create that dream relationship without their participation and the Martinos will make it quicker, easier and more fun! For media interviews contact [email protected].

About Paul and Stacey Martino: Founders of LoveAndPassionCoach.com and creators of the Relationship Transformation System™, Paul and Stacey empower people to create unshakable love and unleashed passion, using their proven methodology so each partner does not need to participate in order for it to to work!

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  1. All I can say, that this course has been to me a real blessing in my life. Were I can feel more of my self giving my authentic me. Stacey shows you in a very playfull and determinant way to achieve strategies that all together will change and shift your inside energy and so to your relationship.

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