[new video] hangin in there….

It’s so beautiful here today that I just shot today’s video when I was working outside on our back deck!

In today’s video I’m answering a question posted by one of our students in our Breakthrough Course about masculine and feminine energy! It’s such a great question!

She was watching our video module on masculine and feminine energy and she asked me if when someone asks her “how’s it going?” and she replies “Hanging in there”, is that a masculine response?

I love this question because it was the perfect opportunity for me to teach you about a fantastic tool for cultivating your feminine energy in your every day life!


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16 thoughts on “[new video] hangin in there….

  1. hadnt thought of sarcasm my partner does that and sometimes I am not sure how to respond.. so this really helped me see I am not letting my femine power out in certain moments

  2. I’m noticing that it’s becoming much easier for me to say ‘great’ or an emphatic ‘good, thanks!’ when people ask me how I’m doing lately. I love learning that this is a more open and vulnerable response. It certainly feels that way as I fear being judged as crazy – just like you said – especially since this response likely comes as a surprise to others given my former responses – ‘tired’, ‘I’m here.’ , etc….
    I’m on the spectrum – yay 🙂

  3. And what do I answer if I am in fact tired or sad or emberassed? Could I stay in my feminine in speaking the truth?

    1. Speaking the truth is your feminine! Staying in your feminine is being willing to be vulnerable to NOT pretend! So an honest “honestly, not so great” …without sarcasm, without defensivenes…that’s being your feminine self!!!

  4. So, when my partner is triggering me and I shut down and “close up”( sort of like a coping mechanism, I guess that I have created as my default setting), is that considered masculine? And is that what ends up making things even more uncomfortable for the both of us?

    1. Yes Renee. You are operating from your masculine to protect yourself. And there’s nothing at all wrong wtih that darling. It’s just that we don’t want that to be where we stop….we want to keep doing the work to shift things so we don’t have to live that way forever…it’s exhausting! You are making great progress Renee!!!!!! love you!

  5. Thank you so much Stacey. I have realized that after being in a 16 year relationship with a woman that I am so far masculine that I have completely forgotten and lost my feminine side. Now, she is leaving me with a 6 year old son and i am starting over. I am working on getting my feminine back. Who knows where it will take me. I am now working on loving me. I don’t know that I have ever loved me. Looking forward to moving forward in this journey

    1. Celebrating you Lee!!!!!! I’m so proud for you! I know this is a challenging time and I’m sorry you have to go through this! But watching you commit to doing the work, I KNOW this will serve you and lead you to your best and most authentic self….for you, for your son, and for your future love relationship!!!! We are so happy to serve you Lee! You are already doing great in The Breakthrough Course!!

  6. When someone says something to you and it hurts your feelings, as a feminine energy should we own that and tell them that it hurts our feelings instead of ignoring it? Then drop the rope since we are not above 50%? I know setting boundaries is important to becoming vulnerable again.

    1. This is a great question for our Q&A calls for The Breakthrough Course or the Bonus Day in May Annie! I would love to answer it….it’s a bit more involved than a blog comment will allow. Ask me in our group love!!!! MUAH!

  7. How about being vulnerable when you are not doing that well. If you are being masculine when responding “hanging in there” how can you show vulnerability in a feminine way when you are not in a position to say “I am wonderful”. Or is the aim to actually say “I am wonderful” to get yourself in a better mind set and make positive energy flow better? Is that getting closer to you feminine?

    1. Thanks for asking Paula! Feminine is real….open….vulnerable. So if you are not doing well, and you can be STRONG and COURAGEOUS enough to stay in your feminine and open, you can answer in TRUTH – “honestly, i’m not doing all that well….”
      If you look through our blogs here Paula, you will see many videos where I am teaching about how to be in your feminine! Enjoy!

  8. I am very happy that I am now understanding and feeling the difference between operating from my feminine and my masculine. This was so confusing to me at first. But, practice makes perfect. Thank you for clarifying how that “hanging in there” response is closed off. I always say something to that effect (“fine”) with people in passing even if it’s not true. It’s quick and doesn’t require a conversation. Now I know to be truthful since it’s open and vulnerable.

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