[new video] I’m in glasses and a sweatshirt….be nice!

Holy crap on a cracker!

We hit #1 International Best Seller with Gratitude and Grace last week!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!

Thank YOU so much for all your support!!!!!!

During the launch last week, I did a Facebook Live video teaching about how the stories and lessons in Gratitude and Grace teach us tools on how to OPEN to our Feminine Energy! Since this is a journey that we help SO many women with….I thought I would share that video with you here today!

Listen – it was a LONG day of book launching…I did this video LIVE at NIGHT in my GLASSES and SWEATSHIRT! So let’s keep it real!

6 thoughts on “[new video] I’m in glasses and a sweatshirt….be nice!

  1. Loved your Gratitude and Grace video. Found it helpful to be reminded to find what I can be grateful for in the moment and drop my masculine mask.
    PS….Nice glasses!

  2. I love your glasses and sweatshirt Stacey! They somehow make you even MORE real, if that’s possible ;). Wonderful timing on this video. Just yesterday, a friend going through a sad time asked for inspiration, and the first thing that came to my mind was gratitude; giving thanks for all there IS to be thankful for, because it truly is such an effective perspective shifting tool. Thank you for reinforcing that for us. Also, the vulnerability bit, was a great reminder. I have a tendency to go into defense/control mode when things are being orchestrated, that I am not ok with bc/deep down I feel they may cause me emotional pain. Good to remember that, that reaction is going into masculine energy. I would appreciate more enlightenment as to what to actually do or say in those vulnerable moments, when one feels like others want to control something that will deeply affect their lives Thank you so much!.

  3. WOW!
    This video could not have ‘shown up’
    (wink wink) in my inbox at a better time!
    I didn’t realize that by me withdrawing, it is operating with masculine energy.
    But, withdrawal is definitely not stepping IN vulnerability!
    So, this makes complete sense!
    So what’s a little emotional pain.
    You gotta love that divine timing!
    Thank you Stacey Martino 🙂

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