PROTECTION in your love relationship! The Greatest Showman Insider Cut, Part Four, the final piece

In today’s final blog on the lessons from The Greatest Showman, it’s time to talk about another dynamic in this film, that is SO easy to miss and yet teaches us an incredible lesson in the masculine and feminine dynamic.

The feminine NEEDS protection. We are wired to be aware of our need for protection. Anne demonstrates this very well.

The masculine has ZERO understanding of this. I’m telling you the truth. I’ve helped tens of thousands of people around the world. I’ve worked with thousands of men. Men are NOT wired to be concerned for their own safety the way women are.

It’s MORE than that – they have NO IDEA how much women are aware of protecting their safety (and their kids safety).

It’s totally off his radar that when you are getting in an elevator alone and there is already a man in the elevator when the door opens, that you are pausing to think if there is an elegant way you can back out of getting into that elevator.

A man would never hesitate in that moment. Protecting himself is not really a “thing” for him. HE knows he can handle himself and it’s just “taken for granted.” Men today are not taught that women are not wired like they are. And women today are not taught to TELL their men that they have this need for protection (because some idiots told us that was weakness – yeah, I said that).

You can see this dynamic demonstrated so beautifully several times in The Greatest Showman….

During the scene when Jenny is performing, Phillip sees people watching him hold hands with Anne and drops her hand. Anne loses faith in his ability to really protect her. (He failed a test.)

Watch the movie again. You will see, after that moment, she starts protecting herself and distancing herself from him.

This is what a woman does when she loses faith that her man can/will protect her. She starts “manning-up” to protect herself and starts distancing from him.

Then, when at the theater, Phillip’s parents see their son with Anne and shame him for being with her. Phillip remains silent for a moment. A MOMENT….

But that moment’s pause was enough for Anne to REACT, believing that she just got her PROOF – he will NOT protect me. She RUNS off.

Although he then stands up to his parents and reaffirms his LOVE for Anne, she does not see or hear this.

It feels impossible (it’s not impossible)
Is it impossible?

Say that it’s possible

In the story of Anne and Phillip, we see many common feminine-masculine dynamics. To Anne, Phillip did not prove his commitment to her so that she could step out of her FEAR.

To Phillip, he did more than enough.

To Anne, the small-minded people and parental judgement were EVERYTHING. And to Phillip, they were just people being mean; from his white-male perspective, they were not a real threat to Anne’s safety.

But again, he has no reference for living as a Black female artist in the 1840s in pre-Civil War America. He cannot see her perspective.

I really want you to get this.

Phillip WILL absolutely protect Anne. At all costs. As you see in the fire scene, in a split second, without any hesitation, he is willing to trade his life for hers to protect her.

Any mature masculine man will do that. They are wired to do that. Something women unfortunately don’t know and don’t believe. (But it’s true.)

The whole time, Anne mistakenly believed that he wouldn’t protect her.

The whole time, Phillip knew he would, of course. IN fact, protecting her gives his life meaning. Without it, life is meaningless.

But because she doesn’t ask directly, this lack of appreciation of the differences between the masculine and feminine causes tremendous and UNNECESSARY pain.

It’s causing the same pain in YOUR life today too.

There are things that you are MIS-interpreting about your spouse. There are things that UPSET you, but they are not accurate. There are false meanings you are giving some of your partner’s actions (like – he won’t protect me), simply because no one ever gave you a basic relationship education on how to understand the masculine and feminine wiring.

The minute Anne knows, with certainty, that Phillip will, in-fact, protect her, she goes ALL IN for her love relationship with him. As you see in the hospital scene, she kisses him right in front of all the nurses and doctors…knowing she could be hung for such an act.

What I really want you to learn from Anne and Phillip is that it’s 2018 and we actually know how to SOLVE this now. But so many men and women are still running these OLD, BROKEN Demand Relationship patterns and destroying their relationships.

When all it takes is just a few Relationship Development tools and strategies – and you could have already known what Anne could have known from that first moment. You don’t need to wait for a burning building to PROVE to you what you need in your relationship.

You could have everything you need, to go ALL IN and experience the love of your dreams – right now!

The minute you decide to leave Demand Relationship tactics behind you, RISE and evolve, step into 2018 and get a relationship education!

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I hope you have enjoyed this Insider Cut of The Greatest Showman! Leave me a comment on the blog and tell me what you got from this!

My hope is that you not only enjoy the magnificence of this film, but you learn from it to create your unshakable love and unleashed passion!

Sending love,

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