Responsibility and Playfulness!

I’ll get to “playfulness” in a bit, but first I want to talk about…


Responsibility is awesome, there’s nothing wrong with responsibility.

BUT…when you start to feel responsible for everything, all the time, always responsible for every situation…it becomes a little…exhausting!


There’s a part of you that’s responsible, there’s a part of you that’s playful, there’s a part of you that’s resourceful, there’s a part of you that’s FREE.

You are many parts; you are not just one thing.

As women, sometimes we get so crazy hooked on responsibility and care-giving that we exhaust ourselves.  We burn out.

And our men, if we let them, have a gift to bring us, to help balance us out.  They provide playfulness.

Men naturally bring playfulness forth to balance us out.

It’s not because they don’t understand all that we have going on, it’s because they DO.  They sense our stress and maybe even our overwhelm.  Their way of fixing it, serving us and providing for us is to “lighten the mood”, make us laugh…balance us out by offering playfulness!

Unfortunately, what I see most often is….women don’t accept this gift. (Because we don’t understand it.)  Many women get frustrated, annoyed and even angry with their man, for bringing playfulness in.

Often women will see a man’s joking or fooling around as unsophisticated, irresponsible, childish and unsupportive of all the serious stuff we are juggling at the time.

Sound familiar?

Also, we may feel his playfulness as opposite to our agenda of “responsibility”.

We may see him as causing more “out of control” when all we’re trying to do is “control”, handle and be responsible for everything in our environment.  So when he brings in playful energy, we can see this as him causing more “work” for us because he’s bringing us “out of control”.  Or HE is becoming one more thing we must find a way to control or handle.

But that is the gift he is trying to give.

At one point in our lives, perhaps the controlling part of us took over?  Maybe it has run-a-muck and it’s not serving us anymore?

Can you think back to a time in your life when you were more balanced?  When you were producing great results and still able to have fun and let go?  Perhaps your life was less complicated back then, but just take a moment and think back anyway.

What part of YOU was “running the show” back then?  That part of you understood balance, and it’s still in you.  It’s just not been “running the show” for you in a long time.

When we recognize that, we can call on a different part of ourselves, a more balanced part that can enjoy, appreciate and cherish the playfulness that our men bring to us.

And thus, we can begin to cherish the very thing that used to drive us crazy!


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