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Sept 2012: Stacey Martino on QVC with Tony Robbins Again! (SKYPE)

Stacey Martino

Click here to watch!

When I got the call on September 12th you could have knocked me over with a feather!!!
Tony’s QVC assistant told me that even though it’s short notice, Tony was blown away by my appearance in July on QVC and has specifically requested that I join him this coming weekend again on QVC via Skype!

Tony Robbins, the man who is famous for ripping the roof off of major stadiums with his passion and energy said that MY energy blew him away and he loved my testimonial!!

Very surreal!
For me, this appearance was even more meaningful then the last two.

Due to scheduling changes and other testimonials running over, my testimonial was squeezed into the last few minutes of the show. But, as I said in my appearance “Everything happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves you.” It went perfectly…my testimonial ended up being a fantastic close for the segment.

Once again, the producers told me that the phones lit up when I was on the air!
But the greatest moments happened for me OFF the air, after the show.
There’s a new phenomenon happening this time.

My phone rings, I get an email, I run into someone in town and the story keeps coming to me “Stacey, I saw you on QVC and you know what?! I ordered The Ultimate Edge! I’m so excited! Thank you!”

To experience people that know me, who watched QVC to support me, taking that step towards creating a life by design for themselves is nearly overwhelming for me! I am so full of gratitude and beaming with delight to be part of the moment where someone stepped up and took action for themselves!!

Watch us on QVC LIVE and enjoy!
If you have taken a step towards your life by design, post a comment here and share it with me! I will read each one and reply!!

Sending love! Stacey