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Sometimes Size DOES Matter ;)

Stacey Martino

shrekNow that I have your attention šŸ˜‰

If you are anything like me, your life runs at a pretty fast pace! Kids, business, house, and everything else! There’s a lot to do in a day! Ā So how do we find the time to make our partner feel special and loved every day??

Well, I’ll tell you what does NOT work.Ā  Waiting for a birthday, anniversary or other special day when you have the time to do something BIG!

With the pace of our lives today, if we wait until we had the time and the money to do something big for our partner, then it just means that we are not doing special things for them enough!

So, what’s the answer?

It’s the LITTLE things!

It may be simple, but are you DOING IT???? Ā Ahhhh, that’s a different story, right!

How many times a day are you texting your partner just to tell them all the things you love about them?

How many times a day do you leave them a love note somewhere so they will find it?

How often are you just saying lovely things to them during the day because they float through your mind?

How often do you tell your partner they look HOT?

Do you grab them every time you walk by them…even just in casual passing?

Do you make them a cup of coffee, tea or smoothie every morning if that’s their favorite thing?

Do you take the kids out of the house for an hour on the weekend so they can have a peaceful hour to read, work out or soak in the tub?

Did you pick up their favorite treat at the store this week and bring it home on a Wednesday for no reason?

Do you bring home flowers for her each week?

Do you pick up his favorite magazine when you do the grocery shopping?

Do you rave about them in front of family and friends?

If these are only things that you think to do on a birthday or anniversaryā€¦..It’s NOT enough for an unshakable love and unleashed passion!!!! Ā DAILY ACTS OF LOVE!! It needs to be every day if you want to create an unshakable love and unleashed passion!

When you do little things every day that shower your partner with love, make them feel cherished and adoredā€¦.and create playful, fun, caring momentsā€¦.that’s the stuff that magnificent love affairs are made of!!! Ā When we wait for just the BIG stuffā€¦.it’s never enough.

Another negative to ONLY doing the BIG stuff for your partner – there’s too much pressure and too high expectation…it usually backfires. Ā Let’s face it, if you don’t do this stuff every day, then odds are, you probably don’t really know what makes your partner delight with excitement!

The KEY to doing little things for your partner is to become a DETECTIVE! Start paying attention to the little things.

What coffee does he like in the morning?

What books does she read?

What are the things that make him smile that big smile where you can see the beautiful lines in his face?

What makes her delight and get that sparkle in her eyes?

What did he order at that restaurant that time?

Which dessert does she order when she’s really needing comfort?

What is the one thing he loves to do all on his own, that he rarely gets time for anymore?

Pay attention to what they are doing for themselves…and start doing those things first!!! Then you can start to add in other stuff and see what works.Ā  Leave a love note, send a card in the mail, text them during the dayā€¦.see where it goes!

There’s another downfall to just waiting around for the BIG stuff and trying to deliver on that.Ā  If you haven’t been doing all kinds of little stuff and seeing what works and what doesn’t, then when it comes to that BIG thing, you may swing and miss! Ā Plus, because you NEVER do things for them,Ā their expectations will be SO high, that they are HIGHLY unlikely to be satisfied by whatever the ONE BIG thing is that you end up doing!

It’s like Shrek says to Fiona “You’ve had a lot of time to think about this, haven’t you Princess?”Ā  and she responds “Yes, Actually.”

That’s the response of a woman who has been WAITING for her Prince to rescue her from her tower (or her laundry)!Ā  She’s had plenty of time to think about exactly what she wants, and how she wants it.Ā  And trust me, no other human (or Ogre) could ever deliver on her expectations!

But something amazing happens when she is constantly showered with little acts of love and kindnessā€¦.she stops fantasizing about the BIG gesture.Ā  She no longer finds herself in “deprivation” from never receiving surprises or gestures from you. Ā She’s no longer starving for SOMEthing.

She’s content, because you always deliver.Ā  You’re filling her up all the time!Ā  So, she starts trusting that you can deliver in making her happy.Ā And instead of imagining exactly what she wants, the way she wants it, she finds herself curious and wonderingā€¦”I wonder what he’ll do next?” Ā And whatever it is, she will delight in the fact that it was YOUR effort and YOUR love for her that inspired your act of love and kindness!

So, YES, sometimes SIZE DOES MATTER!!!!

It’s the LITTLE things, every day, that create the unshakable love and unleashed passion that you desire!!!

Sending love,