How to tell if you are a woman stuck in your masculine


I was SO freaking stuck in my masculine, my nick name was “The Ice Princess”! Not a lot of feminine energy flowing there!

That got me VERY far in corporate America in my twenties, but it almost TOOK DOWN my marriage!

Being a women stuck in my masculine destroyed my relationship with Paul. He felt like he couldn’t make me happy, I didn’t need him for anything and I had such a big wall of protection up, he couldn’t get “through” to me.

Thank God I had an awakening! And I was brave enough to go through a two year journey to find my way back into my feminine in a powerful way that I could be proud of.

Everywhere you look today, it seems, we have a Flip Flop Epidemic going on! Women all over the world are stuck in their masculine… and their men are getting more and more feminine.

That is why Paul and I are so committed to helping people get OUT of this flip flop, quickly, and get back into their authentic core energy! When you do this, you can bring the passion back to your relationship and find your own internal passion too!

In this 5 minute, 9 second video, I describe what it feels like when you are a feminine core woman, stuck in your masculine. How to know if this is what is going on with you… and WHAT it looks and feels like to be in your FEMININE! (it’s not what you think)

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One thought on “How to tell if you are a woman stuck in your masculine

  1. Wooow stacey that’s an amazing topic…I love how you deliver the knowledge in a very sweet feminine way..I’m inspired by your vedios they helped me tap into my feminine openness …
    I just wanted to know if you don’t mind…wwhen was the first time you felt this amazing feminine radiance…
    What was your experience with it 😉

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