This is Not Our First UPW


This is not our first UPW, but it certainly is our first UPW as the people we are today!

In 2007, Paul and I went to our first LIVE Unleash the Power Within event with Tony Robbins…and life was never the same again!

We transformed at that event! We each experienced the breakthroughs we needed to have, let go of things we absolutely needed to leave behind, experienced the awareness of things that were off our radar and stepped more fully into the best versions of ourselves…in four days!

As Paul and I look back over the last two decades we’ve been together, we are always amazed at how we have transformed ourselves SO many times, in such massive ways…and yet, at every level, as each version of ourselves, we were still compatible and in alignment as a couple.

The Ice Princess and the detached and shut down man who walked into that UPW in 2007 were not the same Stacey and Paul who walked out of that event.

Paul will tell you that at UPW he experienced the biggest transformation of his life to date. He left that UPW completely unleashed, fully present in his life and burning with a passion for life that I had never seen in him before!

And six years later, looking back at the Paul he was then, compared to the Paul he is right now…nothing in this world could have prepared me (or him) for the Paul he is today. He is light-years ahead of even the man he transformed into at that event.

Paul truly is the greatest man who walks the earth today (for me). And every day he continues to amaze and inspire me with the man he is becoming! Some days though, there are no words to describe the transformation…and the four days at UPW are four of those days!!!

So, as I said, this is not our first UPW, but it is definitely our first as the Paul and Stacey we are today! We are constantly stepping into the best versions of ourselves…as we believe that is the purpose of life, to be the best version of yourself. In 2007, we were the best versions of the 2007 Stacey and the 2007 Paul.
Today, we are clearly the best versions of 2013 Stacey and 2013 Paul…but 4 days from now, I promise you…the transformation will be palpable!

Even though Paul and I spend so much of our time in personal development studies and we go to so many incredible events each year, we still schedule really high level personal development events for OURSELVES on a regular basis!

This year has already been a huge transformation for us in many ways that we know we need to up-level with OUR coach.

So back in January, we scheduled in UPW (4 days) for November and then Date With Destiny (6 days with Tony Robbins) in December. It’s time! And we are ready to take ourselves to the next level!

What have you scheduled into your year to create the breakthroughs and transformations that you desire! What is scheduled into your calendar in the next 3 months that will absolutely help you step more fully into the best version of yourself??

As our friend and coach Tony Robbins likes to say “When would NOW be a good time to go schedule that for yourself?”

Make it happen! I know you are busy, trust me, so am I, so is Paul, so is Tony and so is Oprah! We all get the same 24 hours a day that you get sweetie. And we make it happen. So can you. It’s a matter of personal responsibility and priorities. What are yours?

Post a comment below and tell me what you are doing in the next 3 months to step more fully into the best version of yourself!

I can’t wait to “meet” you when you get there!

Ok, well, I have to go walk on fire now! See ya later!

Sending love,


p.s. If you want to do an Unleash the Power Within Event with Tony Robbins, we highly recommend it! Feel free to reach out to us ([email protected]) and we will help you get scheduled into one of the UPW events in 2014. We do not get paid by Tony. We coordinate groups of people to go to each UPW event to help YOU have the best experience possible and leverage our discounted ticket purchasing power. But we do not get paid and we are not affiliates for Tony Robbins.

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