The Secret to Living is Giving!

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What does that mean? The Secret to Living is Giving?

Let me ask you a question.  Can you recall the last time you did something for someone without expecting anything in return? NOT because you HAD to, because you wanted to?  Like for fun?

Have you ever seen something when you were shopping that you just HAD to get for someone who would love it?  Have you ever prepared someone their favorite meal or taken them to their favorite place because you knew how much they loved it?  Have you ever surprised someone by doing something they didn’t expect you to do?  Have you ever seen the look of gratitude in someone’s eyes when you shared a kind word with them?  Ever hugged someone that just looked like they really needed to be held?

How did you feel in that moment?

Fulfilled? Proud?…Did it feel GOOD?

That’s the secret to really living….GIVING! When we give beyond ourselves we truly feel fulfilled! WHY?

My friend and mentor Bob Burg said it best in my favorite book of all time, The Go Giver.  Bob teaches that “Your true worth is determined by how much MORE you GIVE in value than you take in payment.”

THAT is why you feel so GOOD when you truly GIVE! Because your feeling of WORTHINESS goes UP when you GIVE!!!!

That is why the secret to truly living passionately, living a fulfilled life, living full out…is GIVING!!!

Let me just catch you before you slip into “pleasing.”  Pleasing is NOT giving my friend!

How do you tell the difference?  You need to use your Emotional Guidance System (Abraham Hicks).  Said differently, how do you FEEL when you are in the moment?

If you feel at all negative (resentful, used, put-out, obligated, frustrated, taken advantage of, angry, jealous, unhappy, etc) then you are PLEASING…not giving!

If you feel positive emotions in the moment (proud, ecstatic, joyful, grateful, happy, moved, touched, loving, giddy, heartfelt, inspired, blessed, etc) then you are GIVING!

So make sure you are GIVING this season, not pleasing!! So you can really LIVE!!!

How will you be GIVING this season?

Seven years ago, Paul and I founded a charity called the Philly Basket Brigade. The Philly Basket Brigade provides a basket full of groceries to local families in need, so they can experience the joy and pride of making a Thanksgiving feast in their own home.  These are families with kids that would otherwise be on a food line with their children on Thanksgiving Day!

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(Just $35 feeds a family!)

Last year we fed 225 families for Thanksgiving!!! We have a BIG GOAL this year my friend! There are over 500 families waiting to hear if they will get a basket from us this Thanksgiving! To be honest with you, the donations that we have raised so far don’t even come close to that number.  If we don’t get more donations, we will have to turn away hundreds of families to take their small kids to a food line!

Do you want a FUN and EASY GIVING experience?? It only takes $35 to feed a family!  If you are blessed to have food this year, please feed at least one family…or as many as you are abundant to help!!!

Click here to donate:

The Secret to Living is Giving!

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  1. Thank you, Stacy! I love the Burg quote…really awesome. I also love how you reminded me that pleasing is not giving. Boy, did that hit home. Giving for with an open heart with no expectations is the best feeling int he world! Thank you for your post! Happy giving and much success to your charity 🙂

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