The Three P’s!


What is the difference between the times when we face a challenge or fear and break through and the times when we end up feeling helpless and the problem lingers on and on?

This is one of my favorite life lessons from my coach and mentor Tony Robbins!

Whenever we find ourselves feeling helpless or unable to improve a situation, it’s because we have fallen into the Three Ps of learned helplessness:

1. PERVASIVE:  We think that because our finances are destroyed that our whole life is ruined.  It’s not true, we have our health, our relationships, and tons of other things.  It’s not pervasive, but sometimes we react as if it is.

2. PERMANENT: No problem is permanent.  When things are good we think they will be good forever.  When things are bad, we feel like it will be bad forever.  Neither one is true.  Life has seasons.  We ALL go through Winters and we all eventually get to Spring.  Nothing is permanent, life is constant change.

3. PERSONAL:  We think it’s us. If we were smarter, prettier, stronger, if we lived over there, if we had this family, if we were taller, thinner, richer, then we wouldn’t be in this situation.  We all do this.  We take it personally and think that somehow, if we were XYZ (good enough) we would magically not have these “problems”.  It’s not you, it’s not personal.  Problems are a part of life. (Suffering is optional)

Once you recognize the Three P’s, you can shift from helplessness to feeling empowered! It’s not pervasive, there are other parts of your life that are going great!  It’s not permanent, like it or not, everything changes. And it’s not personal, you and everyone else on this planet has a problem right this second!

Release the Three P’s and FREE YOURSELF!!!

Sending love,


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  1. Awesome post Stacey, you are a real light! Thank you for such a perfectly pitched, potent post.

  2. Stacey, I love your insight and how you relay it to us…it always gives me something to think about! Great blog..xo

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