What is that mistake that you just can’t get past?

regretful woman“The past does not equal the future” – TR “…unless you drag it with you and keep living there” – SLM

So just tell me…What is it?

What is that mistake that you just can’t get past?
What is that thing you so deeply regret?
Where did you screw it up royally?

What’s that thing that’s still holding you back today?
The one that left you with a terrible “I am” label?

We all have them sweetie…it’s part of being human.

Maybe it’s something you did or said in a moment, that you wish you could take back but you can’t.
Perhaps it was something that unfolded over time and put you in a really bad place?
Or maybe it was a story or a label that someone else saddled you with?

Many years ago, my mentor and coach Tony Robbins taught me an important lesson “The only reason you can’t have what you say you want in your life, is the STORY you are telling yourself about why you can’t have it.”

What’s the STORY that’s holding you back right now?
I’m not saying your STORY isn’t true…it may absolutely be true.

The only question you need to ask yourself about your story is “Is it empowering me to create the life I want or is it holding me back?”

So, you may ask, HOW does one ditch the old STORY, release from the past and live a life by design?

Well, you don’t have to look far to find out. Everywhere you look you will see people who have had terrible struggles, awful life lessons that no one wants to experience, deep regrets and rough situations. Some people stay stuck in it and let it direct the rest of their lives, while others triumph and UTILIZE it to fuel them to take massive action, change their own lives and even help others change their lives.

A classic example of this that I often use with my private clients is Oprah. Most people know of Oprah’s past and the horrible struggles and terrible abuse she endured as a child. That’s the STORY of her past. Is it true? Yes.

What did Oprah do with that STORY? Did she stay stuck in the victim and let that story hold her back? Nope. She empowered herself, fueled by her determination NOT to stay stuck in that and let that define her. She triumphed and utilized everything that came her way to create the life she wanted and help millions of others to do the same.

Is it only Oprah who can release her past and create her life by design? HELL NO! That opportunity is available to every single human on earth! Including YOU!

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Sending love