YOU are the Julie McCoy of your relationship!

The Love Boat tv show image of the cast

If you are quite younger than me, you probably have NO IDEA who the hell Julie McCoy is…but if you are around my age, you know exactly who she is!

Julie McCoy, the ever-bubbly, quite resourceful Cruise Director of the Love Boat!

So what does Julie McCoy have to do with your relationship?! Oh sweetie…so much!

Every single week at least one of our clients shares their frustration and asks for my help with dating their partner.

Maybe you can relate to some of this frustration?

You wanna date your partner more often? You want them to plan something fun for you both but they just don’t?  You’re both so busy that it’s just not happening?

That’s where Julie McCoy comes in! You see darling, YOU are the Julie McCoy of your relationship! If you want to go out on a date with your partner YOU must be the cruise director and make it happen!

Many women come to me and say “but I don’t WANT to plan the date…I want my man to take me out!”

I get it sweetie! That is a very feminine and wonderful feeling to have! Every woman wants to be taken out! Every woman wants to be LED by her man and have him make the plans! Just tell her to get dressed up and lead the entire night so she can just sink into the juiciness of being with him, shut off her brain and enjoy herself! Ah, it sounds awesome just thinking about it!

Here’s the thing, most men have NO IDEA that you want that!

How could they?! Think about what you do all week long sweetie! You run everything! You make all the decisions, you have everyone’s schedules in your head, you are juggling all the balls…you are in control and you are driving!

So, it’s only fair that (without guidance or conversation about it) most men would “assume” that you want to stay IN CONTROL on the weekend too! In fact, out of respect for you, he probably gave up trying to “drive” (so as not to push you out of the way and take over) a long time ago?

He has no freakin’ clue that you desperately want to STOP driving, release control, and be TAKEN by a strong, decisive, masculine man on the weekend….(in fact, you actually want it ALL the freakin’ time, but let’s start with date-night and work our way up!)

So what now? Can this be fixed?

Of course sweetie!

And it all starts with YOU!

YOU are the Cruise Director of your relationship! YOU need to be the one to plan the dates sweetie!

Yes YOU!

During the Relationship Transformation phase, when you are shifting how you show up, empowering yourself with the tools & strategies that really work and creating a positive shift in your relationship, YOU need to be the one to take the action!

It starts with you. Once you start creating awesome dates on a consistent basis, create the energy of a date when you are out….you will LOVE the change you experience in your relationship!

Here are a few of my strategies for HOW to start creating great dates with your partner…

ENERGY! A date has an energy to it! It’s more than just “going out.” A date has flirting and fun to it! Bring that dating energy to your time together sweetie!

SCHEDULE IT! Yes, that’s right…schedule your dates! Look at the calendar, pick your evenings or afternoons, hire a babysitter, and block off “date” on the calendar! Then tell your partner that you are planning a fun date for X day at Y time!

PLAN IT! It does NOT have to be anything big. Go out to dinner, go see a movie, go to the park for a walk, go hang out at Starbucks over a tea…just GO!

In the beginning, until date nights become a part of your regular life, live by this rule:

Plan it by Wednesday and go out on the weekend!

Whatever you want to do on the weekend…plan it by Wednesday night.

If you want to go to the movies, get the Fandango App on your phone and order the tickets!

If you want to go to dinner, get the Open Table App on your phone and make reservations!

You wanna hang at Starbucks…pick up a Gift Card when you go in for your coffee on Wednesday! Sure you can walk in there on Saturday and pay for your tea and cookie, but there’s something more “fun” and “datey” about going out with a $10 gift card that you just HAVE TO SPEND!

The two keys are: Bring consistency to your dating frequency and bring FUN to the dating experiences!

Julie McCoy never missed a week of planning fun, romantic, and magical experiences for the Lovies on the Love Boat! She’s your new role model! Channel your “Inner Julie”….just have a better haircut!!! 😉

Sending love,


p.s. Can’t believe I found this…the opening credits to The Love Boat! (and this episode features my dear friend Suzanne Somers…how serendipitous!)

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