(video) Your Control Freak vs Your Feminine…who will win?

If you are a woman with a feminine core, and you find yourself driving, pushing and controlling throughout your day… doing so, is keeping you stuck in your masculine…and it can be a really hard pattern to break!

In today’s 6-minute video, I am giving you TWO strategies to stop the “controlling, driving and pushing” and experience the feminine energy that you want to bring out in yourself!

Click below to watch today’s video.

Please post a comment below the video and let me know what action you are going to take to implement these two strategies! I promise to respond to your comment!!

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29 thoughts on “(video) Your Control Freak vs Your Feminine…who will win?

  1. Stacey, you are so beautiful and what a blessing to having you and Paul teach this work to so many. as it is so needed in the world. I used to be a big controller and did and do the inner work toheal and to bring out that feminine women.life is so much more fun being true to who I really am. The controller still comes out at times, however along with your teachings I am able to come back to being the feminine women that is open, curious, allowing life to unfold without me having to control it all. I have learned and continue to learn to love and have compassion for myself and others, to do my best to bring love to the world and to all the women that I get to help and work with. Thanks for all that you do!!!.
    Debi Singho, Packing Pals

  2. I have never thought this to be spoken of as a problem. I thought it might be,since I find myself being frustrated that my book..hasn’t had more sales..thinking we have to do this now…pushing pushing,.pushing,
    Or believing my daughter has to ho to Law School now.,etc.
    Bless You
    Irene Dolnick

  3. Its a beautiful concept Stacey, and I don’t get. I have a family to care for, work, bills, guys who will ask to have sex on the first date and leave if I’m not in control of myself. I ask in all humbleness, what do you mean by being feminine, open, vulnerable ? I have noted with myself that its much easier to be open with a guy for whom I feel an attraction versus just any guy. Then those guys still seem to take my openness as I’m a slut or fake as I’ve been told before, even though we didn’t have sex. I feel in the end it depends on where the guy is at in his search as well.and whether I’m his type or not. Thanks for letting me share.

    1. Angela, opening to your feminine energy is something to be cultivated because it’s part of your authenticity. If a woman is in a committed relationship with a man who is in his mature masculine and has her best interest at heart, then she can open and be vulnerable with him, because she is safe to do so.
      When a women in a committed relationship with a man that is NOT yet fully in his mature masculine, or not always acting for her best interest, she needs to practice being OPEN in strategic ways, taking baby steps at times when her open and vulnerable energy can serve as a great trigger to allow him to step into his mature masculine energy.
      When a woman is single and not in a committed relationship, being OPEN and vulnerable is something to do as a practice strategically, without putting yourself physically or sexually at risk.
      My explanation of being OPEN with a partner does not mean being sexually open. It means your energy is OPEN to allowing him to serve you, to lead from positive intention for you, and without needing to control, drive or push.
      We have a lot of tools and strategies around this if you are lookiing for a deeper dive and guidance on this sweetie.
      Navigating the non-committed relationship phase or dating phase of love relationships is one of the most challenging phases of life. We are here for you if you would like help! Just email us at [email protected]!
      Hope that helps! Stacey

  4. Wow this video came at the perfect time for me. There’s been so much going on in life this month that I have been trying to control I’m going to start with the 5 minute intervals doing it three times a day in order to feel more peace and allow my energy to be present, clear and be free of the pressure I’ve been giving myself. Thank you for all the tips and encouragement you give us through these videos. you are a ray of sunshine to everyone you connect with. Blessings always Donna Marie

    1. Ahhhh, Donna very often “compression of time” is one of the key triggers for the control freak to over-take the feminine. Deadlines and due dates will do it! you must get super conscious of this as a busy lady! I love what you are committing to!!!! YOU are such a love Donna!!! My best to you and Bob!!! MUAH!

  5. Hi Stacey, great video. My husband is actually vaccuming for me right now, yes this second as I am writing this. I Am going to sit on the bed and just watch him in awe then tell him about my experience and how much I appreciate him

  6. It's always good to be reminded about control. I commit to letting this weekend flow how it needs to. And I will enjoy the perspective of wonder and enjoy the journey.

  7. Amazing Debi!!! Thank you so much for your kindness sweetie! And I'm SO proud for you for all the work you have already done that you get to now enjoy!! That controller will always pop up, she is part of you. Your ability to manage her and open is inspiring!!! Thank you for all that YOU do! Love you!

  8. Thank you, for openig my eyes to know that I am muscular, wean all along I was sure I am faminan,
    , for the first time in my life I am getting to know myself, and for ever I was trying to understand , the same man , same patern repiting the same behaved that end up in a similar ways, not even thinking if it can be change that it could be different, thanks to u and u r husband Poul, I realiz life can be " lived by Dizine " and being with u, I know GOD send u as the massanger to mantor my first steps in to freedom, and be open to revive a true love , I think awernrss and not awer is very important, and the 100/100 is what I am aiming for! Xoxo Ilana Harkav n.y.c

  9. Beautiful Ilana!!! I'm so happy to serve you sweetie!!!! You are inspirational and I am so excited to watch you create your life by design!!! Sending you big love!

  10. I am so guilty of this. I’m not sure why I do it but your approach seems so much less stressful! Sometimes I catch myself taking too much control or acting like a conductor and realize I should give my husband a chance to lead and feel significant, especially when it comes to parenting. I love this shift in perspective. What I’m unsure about is where does the balance come in? What if things need to get done? Is it our approach & how it’s said that makes the difference between masculine & feminine energy?

    1. Hi Natalie! Thanks for sharing here. This is one of those areas that takes a lot of expert guidance, practice and strategic action over time to implement! We do this work with our students to help them get faster results and avoid painful mistakes! Happy to help you if it serves you! Check out our events and programs!

  11. I am so grateful that I found you. But I still don’t understand. If I sit and wait to let my husband take the lead dinner would not be made , homework would not be done and kids will be up until 11!

    1. Hi Jocelyn! We are so glad you found us too! This is a process sweetie! being feminine is NOT about sitting and waiting, it’s about being OPEN and VULNERABLE in your action. You cannot hand something over to someone who is not yet driving the ship. It happens in strategic steps! As I mentioned to Natalie below, we do this work with our students to help them get faster results and avoid painful mistakes! Happy to help you if it serves you! Check out our events and programs!

  12. Thank you so much Stacey. This really resonated with me, as I was wondering about it: “You cannot need to control things and be in your feminine energy at the same time. They are mutually exclusive.
    Daphne from The Netherlands in Europe.

  13. Jajajaja yes that is veryyyyyy controling. I am stuck in that… what can I do, from my masculine, step by step… I will work on that

  14. Staying in my feminine has been most difficult for me. I seem to revert to masculine not knowing that I’m doing this. I’m going to set my phone alarm for 10 minute intervals to remind me to stay open and vulnerable. Yes……I know this is very masculine, but I feel it’s a good way to get started.

    1. That is an excellent success strategy Laura! Learning HOW to come from your feminine is one of the toughest things to master. We work with our clients on this extensively in our programs and events. One of the strategies that we use is recommending 10 minute intervals….and I think it’s great that you are scheduling that for yourself!

  15. Thank you sooo much for video and allowing me to be in the group Transform your Relationship. I LOVE IT!! It becomes soo clear and it makes so much sense. I love the freedom it bring me to BE MYSELF again fully – vulnerable, open and receptive … and specially non-controlling. Already both my husband and daughter are hallucinating and everything has improved!!! Thank you so much. Rceived the book so can’t wait to keep transforming… this is a miracle!!! ❤

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