(video) Will you “Paint the Owl?”

I made this quick 5 minute video for you today….and yes, I painted that owl! There’s a funny story about it so watch the video….

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  1. Hi Stacey! This video really resonated with me, especially this week. In working with my life coach, I remembered that one of the things that drew me to my husband was his ability to make me want to be my best self every day. We both have lost sight of this over the years. She pointed out that in creating tension for me, he is a catalyst for my personal growth. And I realized that so many of the steps I've taken throughout my adult life and career were inspired by his love. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us, Stacy. And happy belated!

  2. Hi Stacey. I felt sad after watching this video, but not because of anything you said.

    I tend to be the one who is encouraging others and who would plunge straight ahead into ‘painting the owl’ on my own. However, my husband is the opposite (of your Paul) in that he tends to discourage me or be unsupportive when I want to try something new or do something I feel passionate about, because he doesn’t think being artistic or creative serves any purpose.

    When we met, I was this bubbly, fun, person with all the confidence in the world and over our 3 years together, this unsupportive behavior has just drained the life right out of me. Even though I have been there for him (and supported him) through retirement, selling his home, going to college to get his Bachelor’s Degree, etc., he basically refuses to do the same in return. (As if he will be ‘losing the battle’ if he does and as if only the things that he wants have importance or value.)

    A relationship shouldn’t be about giving up everything we are to please another person and yet it feels as if all the things about me that are beautiful (my light, my heart, my energy) have been completely overlooked and forgotten if not devalued completely.

    I want to get back to ‘painting all those owls’ like I used to, but my confidence in myself has withered and I need true encouragement from someone who believes in me and sees my worth (besides myself).

    I love that you are always alive and excited to share new things with your audience, so I look forward to hearing some uplifting thoughts!

    Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and into the ‘Owl Zone’. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with me Vancien! I really encourage you to get back to painting your owls darling! there’s NO time to waste!!! We are here to help you and support you!!! If we can help, send us an email at [email protected] MUAH!

  3. Hey Stacey I loved this video and the whole new look and format – up close, great message!! Hope to see you doing more of these… in the spirit of "painting the owl" 😉 Big hug Tam

  4. Haha! Yes Tam! This is me stepping out of my comfort zone! I am committed to doing a video for you every week now! Whoa! here we go!!!! Love you! Big Hug!

  5. Awesome Lea!!! I'm so excited that this video resonated with you at just the right time! So perfect!!!! And you are taking massive action in the best direction! We will see you in just a few weeks at the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat!!

  6. Stacey – that's brilliant news!!!! And hey, just a nudge, but you've been well out of your comfort zone for a good while now, weekly videos like these are going to be a breeze 😉 As you say, 'here we go'!!!! Big hug Tam

  7. Stacey Martino, you crack me up! I love how animated and on point you are! Great video! I am going through a major transformation myself right now and realizing the importance of having those close to you actually BELIEVE in you! I too am coming out of my comfort zone and starting to do videos. You lovely lady ,are a NATURAL!!!! you inspire me, thank you. And Paul, thank you for encouraging her on a daily basis! We are all the better for it. 🙂

  8. Love you Eileen!!!! I absolutely support you for doing video sweetness! The world definitely needs more of YOU! Love you darling! And Paul says "You are welcome!!" MUAH!!!

  9. Hi Stacey I love your energy.
    Beside the obvious stepping out of your comfort zone to paint the owl, I'm taking away that your husband was very instructmental in cheerleading you on.
    I'm really trying to be my own cheerleader, however I feel a major lack of having that partner by my side. How can I create a partner that I can cherish and be cherished back? 10 years post divorce and a couple of wrong relationships has left me feeling alone. I'm very youthful and vivacious for 64 and yet I'm just not getting to that great relationship.
    I have a great family and friends, job and outside activities. It pales to having that special someone.
    Any suggestions? Thanks

  10. Hi Judy!! My heart is with you for feeling alone… but do not dispair Judy! Every day we help women who are not in relationships to transform themselves back into their best and most authentic self, get crystal clear on what the best relationship for you is, know how to trust yourself to pick the relationship that is best for you and empower you with the tools and strategies to create your unshakable love and unleashed passion when you are in your forever love relationship! With 40 more vivacious years to go Judy…I'd say you are MORE than worth investing in darling!!! You deserve this! And we can help! Email me at [email protected] and let's see how we can best help you get started sweetie!

  11. Love, Love, Love you so much that I even look in my SPAM folder for your messages! Weekly videos sound amazing! I’m not sure what to commit to next because I’m recovering from our family vacation camping. I don’t think I’ve ever camped for 5 days. I did step out of my comfort zone for that trip and a 10 mike bike ride with some of my husband’s family. It was way vulnerable and a challenge as these people are in way better shape. I’m still liking my wounds on that one, but glad I did it. And, I will be thinking of you and all the attendees during the retreat this year. It was so wonderful last year! Sending Lots of Love and Laughter! Nicole from PA.

    1. Love you Nicole!!!! I’m so proud for you that you stretched yourself for that experience! Remember your right hand/left hand tool Nicole, it sounds like that one might serve you with that extended family! We love you endlessly and wish we were seeing you in a few weeks at the Retreat too! Maybe next year!! Sending love!

  12. I loved the analogy of painting the owl to stepping out of your comfort zone to work on different things. As I am working on transforming my relationship with my husband, I realize that maybe I am not stepping out of my comfort zone enough as I should be. I am going to work on painting the Owls in making my relationship stronger. Thanks for giving me the ability to see things differently!

  13. I so needed to hear this… I am so guilty of painting the coffee mug and not the owl… I am being called out in every direction lately to paint the damn owl… THANK YOU for kicking my butt once again, Mrs. Martino!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO Love you.

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