WHO is that?

Have you ever had that experience where you were in the middle of a situation and you couldn’t say what you needed to say, or couldn’t respond the way you wanted to respond…or 15 minutes later you had a ton of come-backs, responses, solutions and brilliant contributions to share…but the moment had past?

We all have.
That’s why, so often, our “shower” gets to hear our most brilliant stuff! 🙂

So many people ask me “WHY is that Stacey?”

Let me ask you this question…tell me about a time when you were “on fire”, “in the zone”, “unstoppable” and delivering as exactly who you wanted to be in the moment.

Can you think of a time? Really feel what you felt when you were unstoppable. Do you know that person well?

WHO is that person who comes out in you when you are in that state? Does he or she have a name? First name that comes into your mind.

Now think back to the last time you didn’t say what you wanted to say, didn’t respond the way you wanted to respond, and were not being your most unstoppable self. You’ve had this experience before, YES?

What’s the earliest memory you can think of when you felt that way around people? Did you feel that way when you were a kid? How young would you say?

Here’s the thing.

When you have that same experience today, when you lose your words, when you can’t act, when you can’t say all the brilliant authentic things that the unstoppable you knows…you are not only responding to a trigger that was created for you as a kid, you are responding AS “the kid”.

Said differently, when something triggers you today, not only do you go into your old pattern, but what is triggered within your nervous system is to have the resourcefulness that six year old, or whatever age you were when this pattern was created.

You are not responding to your situation with the resourcefulness of the adult that you are today…you have the capabilities of that kid from your childhood. Which is why, so often, the words don’t come, the strength leaves us, and we are not the “unstoppable us” we know we can be.

So I often say to people, it’s not “WHY is that?” it’s “WHO is that”!

This is all part of how you have wired yourself up until now. This is all part of what is running your show, the software of YOU. We ALL have it!

So many times, new clients will say to me, “I’ve tried everything to change this but nothing works”. If you haven’t shattered the old wiring, you will continue to repeat your old patterns.

That’s why so often you hear me say “Trying Doesn’t Work”. People get so confused when I say that. But it’s the truth. You can only TRY for so long. If you don’t scramble your old patterns and design new ones, in time, you will go back to your unconscious responses.  That’s why so often couples therapy doesn’t work.

“Can it even be done?” some people ask.


I help my clients have this experience every day. I watch other Strategic Intervention coaches do this with people every day. I do it with my coach and Paul with his.

It does NOT happen just by going about your regular day.

But the moment you DECIDE to set a new standard, step up and declare that you want MORE, the shift has begun!

Creating a life by design is about breaking the old wiring, designing the life you want and re-wiring yourself for that life!!

It’s an AMAZING way to live.
I wish this for you…for all of us!

Post below and let me know what your biggest take away was from this article!  I’ll do my best to personally respond to your comment!

Sending love

What to do now?

Do what you love.

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6 thoughts on “WHO is that?

  1. YES Stacey – the CRITICAL shift happens as soon as the decision to change resolves…. when you keep that decision top of mind – and live into that commitment… different possibilities show up and your life aligns. AND SO DOES YOUR RELATIONSHIP! Thanks for posting this insightful bit today! Much love to you as you continue your great work in this world!

    1. YES!!! Thanks so much for sharing that Cena! Much love to you too sweetie!! And to the Magnificent Mompreneurs you serve!!!

  2. Stacey,
    I’ve had that experience in the past, and with just a little awareness you can feel yourself regressing to a little kid and then intervene earlier. I love your “in the shower” moment 🙂 Thanks for your thought-provoking post.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that Sandi!!! I’m so glad this served you! Thank you so much for your love and support sweetie!!!

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