Hot Sex Anyone?

A word of warning, Relationship Transformer… If a chat about what it takes to get Ravishing. Satisfying. Sex. in your relationship is too much for your sensibilities, stop reading right now. Now, then… A LOT of people out there believe mind-blowing sex isn’t possible outside of a romance novel or steamy movie, much less with […]

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I Can’t See!

“Oh my God!!” I screamed, grabbing the passenger side “oh-shit-bar” of our truck and clinging to it for dear life with BOTH hands as Paul was driving. I’d just noticed that the vehicle in the lane next to us was starting to drift into our lane, and it scared me.  Because I’m a very reactive […]

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What An Ass

“This call is completely inappropriate. I’m about to head into an important meeting, and I cannot deal with this right now. You cannot call me with these emotional outbursts.”  *Click* A new Quick Start™ student’s husband told her that after she called him in the middle of the day, crying and desperate for support. And […]

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